Why Choose EASYFIX

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We believe that our customers deserve the best.

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with leading bodies within the horseracing industry to develop an extensive range of fences, hurdles and rubber matting solutions. Our products are designed in-house, manufactured from the highest quality materials and are the most innovative and best performing in the marketplace. Our equine range has been designed especially for horse trainers, horse owners, racecourses and schooling grounds to boost improved performance. R&D is undertaken by our in-house product development team, who develop and test new product concepts and analyse product materials. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest design software, which provides us with advanced design and prototype development capabilities.

The EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences were designed in-house and are extremely durable, easy to install and maintenance free. They were designed with the safety of jockeys and horses in mind. Constructed from artificial components, they are strong, weatherproof and long lasting. The 3-D Birch is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethene) is designed to prevent splinter cuts and injuries to horses.

EASYFIX Rubber Matting Solutions are recognised as the best quality and highest performing products in the marketplace. They provide a complete solution for many of the world’s leading horse breeders, owners and trainers. The portfolio includes the EASYFIX Horse Walker System, Deluxe Stable Matting System, SuperGrip Matting and Rubber Paving Solutions. Manufactured from the highest quality rubber, the extensive range provides a comfortable and safe environment for horses.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best performing and highest quality products and to excel in meeting their expectations.

Michael Earls

Managing Director

Galway 2015