Why choose EASYFIX


We understand that animal comfort, welfare and performance is important in your dairy operation.

Our dairy housing solutions have been created to improve cow comfort, reduce lameness, increase mobility and heat detection.

The EASYFIX dairy housing family of products includes EASYFIX Free Stalls and cow  mattresses, EASYFIX dairy slat rubber, parlor matting, walkway matting, feedlane matting, silage pit bags, EasyFeeder and calf slats.

In 2009, we launched the EASYFIX Free stall and to date we have sold 100,000 cubicles in 25 countries worldwide. It was enhanced with a  rubber loop in 2014 which has transformed the stall into the ‘Safest and most comfortable cow free stall in the world’.

In 2015, a rubber coupling was designed to replace the fixed neckrail bracket and in 2016 we launched both a flexible rubber coupling to accommodate larger cows and the EASYFIX Scratcher which increases environmental enrichment and cow comfort.

Our goal is to become the No1 provider of livestock housing solutions across the globe. We are committed to providing our customers with the best performing and highest quality products, which increase productivity and guarantee a fast return on investment.

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Why Choose EASYFIX