Dwight Foster, Beef Farmer, Ontario, Canada

The environment the cattle are living in has had a tremendous effect on performance, I would definitely install again. The cattle are cleaner the longer they stand on the mats.

Grant Binford, Beef Farmer, MN, USA

It’s as close to dirt and grass that we can offer the cattle.
Definitely a need to put rubber on slatted facilities. We made the right decision with EASYFIX.

Nick Eccles, Dairy Farmer, UK

We’ve seen increased lying times, reduced lameness and so far, we’ve seen a reduction in culling rates from 25% down to nearly 10% since Installing the EASYFIX Dairy Housing System.

Karl Funk, Central Minnesota, USA

The cows just get up with ease and I just know they’re not getting hurt when they’re getting up and that the thing I was really excited about with the EASYFIX stalls – the flexibility and the comfort. If you take care of the cows, the cows will take care of you!

Aaron Mitchell, Mitchell Farms, Winnebago, Illinois, USA

If you are serious about trying to maximize the cow comfort in your facility, there’s no other way you should go than going with the EASYFIX flex stall. It’s pretty phenomenal what these stalls can do.

Warren Jansma, Beef Farmer, USA

Once we got the rubber on, the polls for lameness dropped 75%. Once we installed it, we realized that it wasn’t a luxury anymore, it was a necessity.
The cows are always clean and they love the rubber on the slats.

Tim Kerfeld, Dairy Farmer, MN, USA

You can tell the difference just by walking into the barn and glancing at where the cows prefer to lie down. The steel cubicles are pretty empty and on the opposite alley the EASYFIX cubicles are full. The cows using the EASYFIX stalls makes me a believer in them.

Paddy Prendergast, Beef Farmer, Ireland

I have two tanks with EASYFIX Manure Technology and one which doesn’t. I’ve been able to compare the slurries and there is no question that the aerated manure is way better. I’m saving big money on fertiliser too. The cost of it is going up and regulations are going to prohibit the use of it in future so you have to get more value from your manure. On top of that, it’s safer because I don’t need to agitate it, I’m able to grow more grass and it’s good for the environment.

Redhouse Holsteins, UK

Best decision we ever made was ripping out the steel and putting in plastic. 0% freestall related injuries since.

Paul Beckman, Dairy Farmer, USA

We’d come in the morning and all of the EASYFIX stalls would be full of cows. They’re more willing to get up and down, more often. It was a chore to get up in the old stalls and now in the new stalls, even the old cows will pop up and down no problem.

Mark Davies, Dairy Farmer, UK

I don’t think I’ve seen cows as comfortable in all my 22 years of farming. The EASYFIX freestalls was the best choice that I have made & I would recommend them to any farmer.

Michael Gowing, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

I can honestly say the EASYFIX Parlour Mats are the best investment I have made on this farm. The difference in cow comfort & presentation for milking since installing the rubber is massive

Ben Ward, Dairy Farmer, UK

We really do love the freestalls & so do the cows

Emma McCormack, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

The new feed barriers by EASYFIX and the cows love them. They promote maximum cow comfort when laying in freestalls and at feeding. Happy cows, happy life

Kate Dymond, Dairy Farmer, UK

We fitted the EASYFIX Calm freestalls and Neptune mattresses in our new shed 2 years ago and the cows absolutely love them. We no longer have the bumps or rubs we previously had on the cows. The freestalls are just so flexible yet sturdy. We highly recommend them.

Mark Tythcott, Dairy Farmer, UK

I couldn’t be happier with the freestalls

Rachel Turner, Dairy Farmer, UK

EASYFIX freestalls allow flexibility in lying down, plenty of lunge space and eliminate the risk of injury. Clean, healthy, happy cows!

Michael Smith, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

We had previously used EASYFIX’s slatted rubber in the beef finishing shed and were fully aware of their commitment to delivering an exceptionally high level of comfort for livestock. We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the freestalls.

Martin Carroll, Beef Farmer, Ireland

They are a super job for animal welfare, thrive and general contentness on slats. Would typically have had 6 or so stores with foot scalfs over the course of the winter. Now with mats in all pens, we have no foot issues since they went in

Daire Markham, Beef Farmer, Ireland

Cattle are very content on the mats, noticeable difference. Happy out with them.

John Power, Beef Farmer, Ireland

The cows have great comfort on the EASYFIX Slat Mats. They’re never afraid of a slip or a fall and content to lie out for as long as they would in a field

James Hill, Dairy Farmer, UK

We’ve had the EASYFIX cubicles and mattresses in 12 months now. The comfort, the welfare, the contentness and calmness of the cows, the visits coming into the robots, the serious reduction in mastitis – it speaks for itself.

Peadar Kelly, Pig Producer, Ireland

I have the EASYFIX floor pig toys in with first and second stage weaners for over two years. The toys are really working well keeping the pigs engaged and interested at all times. The toys are always very clean and are lasting well. I look forward to the launch of their floor toys for fatteners, gilts and sows

Matthew Smith, Lower Castle Hayes Farm

Since we installed the EASYFIX Evolve Feed System, the results have been fantastic. Feed intakes have increased by at least 1.5 Kg per cow per day resulting in higher milk yields. The feeding system is very good for the cows overall welfare. Nothing is restricting the cow’s movement, therefore making it very inviting for the cows to eat and the design ensures cows have no marks on their necks.

Prof. M. Ziron, Vocational College Southern-Westphalia, Germany

Pigs interact with the EASYFIX LUNA up to 80% of the time. The combination of mobility and rollability retains the pig’s interest and motivates other pigs to join in.

Eugene Sheehan , Pig Farmer, Ireland

I have been using the EASYFIX Astro 200 with my sow and fatteners for two years and find it excellent. They play with it and it acts as a constant source of distraction. I also use the Luna 117 for all stages and find it very good. Having different sizes of enrichment devices for different age groups is an excellent idea and I will be using the Luna 50, 86 and 142 in future.

Patrick O’Keefe, O’Keefe Piggery, Ireland

I have been using EASYFIX Luna 117 Enrichment Devices for two years. They are doing a great job and keep my weaners occupied whilst reducing greatly the incidence of tail and ear biting . My farm manager, Finbar Higgins, notices this on a daily basis. I have the Luna 50 on order for my piglets, Luna 86 for weaners, Luna 142 and Astra 200 for sows . I look forward to the introduction of EASYFIX Enrichment Devices to cover all stages in my piggery.

Mark and Caroline Davies, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The cows have yielded 2,000 litres extra. We’ve gone from 9,000 litres annually up to almost 11,000 litres a year.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

I replaced all my steel freestalls with EASYFIX Freestalls in 2015. Cows are now lying better in the freestalls and there have been no cows hurt or injured. I have great peace of mind knowing that there will be no be surprises when I enter the shed each morning.

James Conn Castlerock, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

I am delighted with the EASYFIX Freestalls, cows don’t get stuck in them, they love them. I would not put in a steel freestall if I got them for free. EASYFIX says the freestalls reduces injuries I say it eliminates them.

Noel and Raymond Harte, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

The concept of the plastic was new to us. We liked the comfort EASYFIX Freestalls could give to our cows in terms of preventing cows getting caught, trapped or injured. We believe that any bruises, haematomas, sores arising from cows lying against a steel framed freestall ultimately leads to reduced performance in terms of lower milk yield, silent heat and lower fertility. We also adopted the freestall for our younger weanling heifers with a few DIY adjustments.

Brendan Gildea, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

I replaced all my steel freestalls with EASYFIX Freestalls in 2015. Cows are now lying better in the freestalls and there have been no cows hurt or injured. I have great peace of mind knowing that there will be no be surprises when I enter the shed each morning.

Mitchell Dairy & Grain, Winnebago, IL

We wanted to emphasize cow comfort, which is why we choose to go with EASFIX Stall Dividers. The stall dividers are just like any other, but rather than a steel loop, it is made from a rubber loop. This slight difference allows for more flexibility and comfort for the cow. When a cow tries to get up, the stall doesn’t knock her right back down. She is able to get up just about every time. They have enough flexibility that they keep the cows where they need to be but not enough that they are moving all around.

Cavan Johnston, Dairy Farmer, Ireland

The cows took to their new accommodation extremely well. The more comfortable they are the more milk they will produce from the same level of inputs.

Mark & Caroline Davies, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Since installing the EASYFIX Freestalls and mattresses the cows have yielded 2,000 litres extra. We’ve gone from 9,000 litres annually up to almost 11,000 litres a year.

Adam Quinney, UK Beef Farmer

We bought EASYFIX Slat Rubber and it was a big investment. The mats have really transformed the system. The company installed them and they have been a fantastic investment. Growth rates increased by between one quarter and one third of a kilo per day and I put that down to increased comfort.

Jonathan Evans, North Pembrokeshire, UK

We’ve had less trouble with feet and no trouble with hocks. Lying time has increased dramatically. If we were to do anything else again, we’d always go for EASYFIX Freestalls and mattresses.

Gerard van Deelen, Kapweg in Kootwijkerbroek

When I compare the calves on wooden slatted floors to the ones on EASYFIX floors, the difference in the calves’ swollen knees is considerable.

Elbert Wijnne, Beekzicht, Scherpenzeelseweg

Animal welfare is a high priority in this company, and that is why we tried to take a step forward and install the rubber floors for the calves’ well-being. The big advantage of EASYFIX rubber on the floor is that the calves have a better foothold, especially new-born calves. In addition, the floors are soft, and therefore great for the animals’ well-being. We have also seen fewer claw and hoof problems

Hans & Marloes Luijerink, Ruhenbergerweg in Overdinkel

We deliver around 4,000 calves each year. We have tried and tested many different types of flooring. The EASYFIX floor stood out to us. We have had it in full use for about 5 or 6 years in multiple barns. It has delivered fantastic results. The most important factor to us is that it is socially responsible; we now offer a better level of animal protection.

Tom Sloane, Beef Farmer, Ireland

I put the EASYFIX slat rubber down in a slatted finishing house almost five years ago. From the very outset, I noticed that the cattle were more content. They could get to their feet much faster when I entered the shed. Stiffness was less of a problem and the animals were much less prone to slippage and injury. Growth rates also improved.

Chris Bourns, Beef Producer, Ireland

I have found that the cattle spend more time lying down, feet problems and lameness have become a thing of the past and growth rates have improved significantly.

John Phelan, Beef Farmer, Ireland

In 2002, we installed the first shed of EASYFIX Slat Rubber and they are still in excellent condition. We installed another 400m2 cattle finishing shed with EASYFIX Slat Rubber Mats in 2016. We could not manage to finish cattle without the EASYFIX Slat Rubber system.