Say Hi to EASYFIX at Central Plains Dairy Expo

25 Mar

What: The Central Plains Dairy Expo

When: 26th – 28th March

EASYFIX: Booth 486

It’s that time of year again – Central Plains Dairy Expo is back! Doug Goodale, our VP of Business Development, and the EASYFIX team will be located at Booth 486 so please drop by for a chat.

Check out the convention center map here.

If you haven’t been to the expo yet you’re in for a real treat. Here’s a bit of a backstory…..

Central Plains Dairy Expo

The Central Plains Dairy Expo is an annual event which takes place this year at the Sandford Premier Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota from the 26th – 28th March.

Every year thousands of visitors attend the expo from all over the US and further afield. There’s lots to see and explore with exhibits highlighting the latest dairy products, informative breakout sessions and workshops, along with special guest speakers and panel discussions.

If you’re planning on attending one of the talks or break-out sessions we advise you get there early to make sure you get a seat as they can fill up pretty quickly.

View the full Expo Schedule.


Our team are going to have some of our latest products on display at the booth. We caught up with Doug, to find out what he’s most excited about this year and what visitors should look out for……

easyfix free stalls central plains dairy expo

EASYFIX Free Stalls

The first product I’m really looking forward to introducing attendees to is the EASYFIX Free Stall. It is without a doubt the best free stall in the market. Everyone who has bought our product once and then made further purchases has purchased EASYFIX.

The EASYFIX Free Stall is extremely flexible and provides superior comfort for the cows. It gives the freedom of the outdoors indoors – something that we know is so important during long hard winters; like the one we’ve just been through.

Cows of every size can be easily accommodated. Our customers have been reporting back to us that their cows are choosing EASYFIX stalls over others installed in their farms.

EASYFIX Jupiter F Cow Mattress


The next product I’m very excited to talk about at Central Plains Dairy Expo is the Jupiter Cow Mattress. I’ve shown this mattress to farmers and dealers and they love it for these reasons:

  1. It’s much softer than other mattresses.
  2. It’s a far higher quality build.
  3. For farmers currently using it – it’s extremely easy to clean, including the back end of it.
  4. The built-in brisket board helps to align cattle straight in the stall AND we are finding it keeps more bedding contained within the lying area.

It’s an awesome product and our customers are impressed by the level of thought that’s gone into the design.

Waterbeds – I call our Jupiter Mattress the waterbed beater. More comfortable, designed better and lasts longer.

central plains dairy expo feed rails easyfix

EASYFIX Evolve Feed Rail

The third product I can’t wait to show off is the EASYFIX Evolve feed rail. It’s a totally different design, extremely innovative and unique in the industry for feeding cattle.

Our customers who use it see less injuries, less neck abrasions and the cows are consuming more feed when the are at the Evolve feed rail which means more production.

See You There!

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone during the event so please do drop by our booth and have a chat with Doug and the EASYFIX team.