EASYFIX DLG Certification

EasyFixTM Slat Rubber System

Brief description

  • black profiled slat rubber mats .70 to .85 inch thickness, with waved wedges/studs underneath (height approx. 2 inches, length approx. 1.75inches, width approx. 1.4 inches);
  • with integrated sloping profile on the surface (height of the middle of the surface is .85 inches and slopes down .15 inch);
  • surface with a diamond-shaped pattern;
  • bottom side without any profile;
  • fitted as single mats.


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Assessment – Summary

Test criterions Test result Assessment value
Suitability suitable as contact single or double slat surface for cattle barns


Technical criteria
Resistance to wear and tear durability and ageing (test stand trials)
abrasion test good resistance to wear +
continuous tread load no lasting deformation ++
surface no appreciable wear +
bottom side no appreciable wear +
acid test no alterations to the surface +
Measurements adherence no noteworthy changes in length or width +
deformations none ++
Handling, laying
D.I.Y. laying simple +
fixation stable and reliable +
installation instructions brief and understandable o
Surface cleanability
soiling gaps o
stepping surfaces o
cleaning no problems +
high pressure cleaner 4 inch minimum clearance when using a flat jet nozzle +
12 inch clearance when using a rotary dirt turbo nozzle +
warranty and recycling 5 years with linear depreciation
manufacturer take back +
Animal related criteria
Behavior observations
movement behavior increased activity +
comfort and heat behavior pronounced +
Resistance to slip
resistance to slip during slide pulling tests good +
footing good +
Claw assessment
mechanical-traumatical findings positive influence +
shape of the hoof wall standing over in more than 50% of claws +
Deformability and elasticity
in new state 1/8 inches, good +
after continuous tread load 1/8 inches, good +
Toxicological innocuousness
certified by the manufacturer o
Evaluation range: ++/+/ o /-/– (o= standard)