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In February 2018, EASYFIX opened a new sales office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Due to the rapid growth of the dairy and beef industry in the USA and an increased demand for EASYFIX products, the company launched a dedicated sales and distribution centre in the heart of the country. The warehousing facility is located along I-29 just south of Sioux Falls, SD.

Doug Goodale VP Business Development - EASYFIX USAEASYFIX USA is headed up by Doug Goodale, the VP Business Development in the region.

Doug Goodale joined EASYFIX in early 2018 and is responsible for developing the US sales team along with establishing a warehouse and distribution location in the USA.

Doug graduated from South Dakota State University with an Agricultural Business Degree. Since graduation, Doug has spent his entire career in sales and management with a focus on business development. Most recently he worked as General Sales Manager for a John Deere dealership group.

EASYFIX was founded by Michael Earls and is a family owned business based in Ireland. Michael developed the first patented product, EASYFIX Slat Rubber in 1996 and it is now sold in 40 countries around the world.  EASYFIX Slat Rubber remains the company’s biggest selling product and is now widely used by the beef, dairy and veal industries worldwide.

In 2009, EASYFIX launched the first flexible cubicle and has sold over 250,000 cow cubicles in over 40 countries around the globe. The addition of the rubber loop in 2014 proved successful, transforming the cubicle into the ‘Safest and most comfortable cow cubicle in the world’. EASYFIX supplies a large range of cow mattresses and max grip rubber matting for milking parlours, walkways, feed lanes and parlour pits.

The EASYFIX equine range is designed specifically for horse trainers, horse owners, racecourses and schooling grounds to boost performance. The fences and hurdles are designed in-house and manufactured from artificial components. They are extremely durable, easy to install and maintenance free.  EASYFIX has also developed a wide range of rubber matting solutions for stables, horse walkers, parade rings, wash areas, walkways and courtyards. Manufactured from the highest quality natural rubber compound, EASYFIX products provide a safe and comfortable environment for horses.

EASYFIX strives to continue the development of the most innovative and best-performing products in the marketplace. The product range is designed in-house and manufactured from the highest quality materials. The EASYFIX Product Development Team conducts extensive R&D to develop and test new product concepts and analyse product materials.

At EASYFIX our goal is to become the No1 provider of livestock housing solutions worldwide. The company is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and best-performing products, which increase productivity and guarantee a fast return on investment.

EASYFIX endeavours to excel in meeting the expectations of our customers