EASYFIX Phoenix is a free stall cow mattress providing a superior cow comfort. The natural resting position of the cow is cushioned by the soft lying area within the mat.

The free stall mattress has a one inch layer of latex foam.  The mattress interlocks on the edges and a sloped profile at the rear toward the alley.

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  • Improved cow comfort and welfare.
  • Increases daily milk production.
  • The open cell technology of the foam provides excellent comfort and appropriate firmness while also delivering, durability.
  • Easy DIY installation and is not restricted by stall size.
  • Spacers accommodate wider width stalls.


  • Natural rubber compound.
  • Edges are interlocking.
  • 500 micron sealed wrapper enclosing one inch latex foam.
  • Foam 50% latex and 50% PU.
  • Sloped rear profile.


Width: 44 3/8” | 1125mm
Length: 70 7/8” | 1800mm
Height: 1 1/2” | 37mm


10 years


Cows can lie for up to 14 hours per day – a comfortable stall means a longer they will lying time. Cows produce 5 times more milk lying down versus standing.

  • Top Cover – Measure the cover material? The EASYFIX mattress has a top layer of .5 inches on the 1 inch Latex Mattress and .5 inches  on the 2 inch Latex Mattress – most continuous systems available range from 25% to 50% of that.
  • Mattresses typically break down first on the back 4-6” where the cow steps first to enter the cubicle – tears typically occur in this area–an EASYFIX Mattress has a minimum of 1 inch of solid mat in this area compared to continuous systems with a quarter of an inch OR LESS.
  • Replacement of single mats is easier and less costly than replacing an entire run.

A latex mattress is comprised of two materials – latex & polyurethane. The latex that provides the memory and cushioning effect. EASYFIX uses a 50/:50 split in their latex and tests conclude that our latex loses 2% elasticity over a 10 year period.

Competitors (if they know) typically will use 80:20 mixture as this is cheaper to produce. Because of this, the memory and cushioning of the latex will deteriorate much sooner.

EASYFIX has designed the top surface of the mattress with a finish that mixes adequate grip with no abrasion –canvas type materials that can cause be abrasive to the hock which has implications for herd health and in particular fertility.

The simple knee test is a good indicator of comfort, free- fall to your knees and measure the impact- remember a cow transfers 70% of her bodyweight when lying down to her two front knees and free falls for 18-24” so impact can be limited with a good cushioning surface.

When cows transfer the weight of their two front knees in a waterbeds/gel mattress will the cushioning is displaced leaving less protection for the knee between the concrete and top of mattress.

Clean up can be done with a hand scraper, brush or mechanically propelled free stall bedder with a cleaning arm.

All free stall mat/mattress systems perform best using a bedding material, such as saw dust, lime etc. This provides liquid absorption and keeps the beds dry.  Using material with antibacterial agents or lime will ensure bacteria growth is lowered and therefore keep SCC low, and prevent mastitis.

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