Our Award-winning EASYFIX Evolve Feed barrier allows cows to extend their reach without risk or fear of injury.

Flexible Feed Rail

When cows are not resting, they should be eating! Feeding time can be stressful for cows, as the more dominant and competitive personalities within the herd can ‘bully’ their way ahead of the submissive cows. Installing the correct type of feed barrier in your shed can greatly assist with reducing stress in cows, whilst increasing feed intakes. A bad feed fence design can lead to lameness as the cow will push forward, against the fence, to access the feed which puts a lot of pressure on their legs.

This is why we have designed the award-winning Evolve feed fence that is a pioneering advance in animal feed systems. With the open-top, it is designed to extend the animal’s reach, allowing for increased feed intake, while optimising animal welfare and performance.