Cow Mats & Mattresses

EASYFIX Cow Mats & Mattresses provide your herd with superior cow comfort and performance!

Jupiter F / F45

Cow Mattresses


Cow Mattresses

Phoenix / Phoenix 41

Cow Mattresses


Cow Mattresses

Libra / Libra i

Cow Mats

Cow Mats & Mattresses

Over the past 25 years EASYFIX have developed an extensive range of Dairy Housing Solutions which greatly enhance cow comfort and productivity.

Our award-winning range of cow mats and mattresses include:

  • EASYFIX Jupiter F
  • EASYFIX Neptune
  • EASYFIX Phoenix
  • EASYFIX Libra I
  • EASYFIX Spirit
  • EASYFIX Saturn
  • EASYFIX Mercury

All of our cow mats and mattresses are designed in house with the comfort, safety and welfare of the cow in mind.

Enhancing Cow Comfort with EASYFIX Cow Mats and Mattresses

There are numerous benefits associated with installing EASYFIX cow mats & mattresses in your Dairy Housing facility. At EASYFIX everything we do revolves around making cows more comfortable within their environment, which is why we design, manufacture and develop the best performing solutions on the market worldwide.

Increasing productivity of your dairy herd by providing enhanced Cow Comfort

Increased lying times = higher milk yields. Research shows that cows can lie for up to 14 hours a day. Therefore, the more comfortable you make the cows environment, the longer they will lie. Cows produce 5 times more milk whilst lying down versus standing. Studies have also highlighted that cows who fail to rest are much more likely to suffer from lameness. We provide an extensive range of cubicle matting solutions that are designed to suit a variety of cubicle styles and requirements.


  • We’ve had less trouble with feet and no trouble with hocks. Lying time has increased dramatically. If we were to do anything else again, we’d always go for EASYFIX Freestalls and mattresses.

    Jonathan Evans, North Pembrokeshire, UK