R & D


The entire EASYFIX product line was designed internally and is manufactured from premium quality materials.

Through collaboration with partners, we have extended the coverage of our research,  giving us access to world-class expertise, in a number of specialist research centers and third level institutions. As a result of these collaborations, we are positioned at the cutting edge of product research and innovation.

Our Product Development Team is continuously researching, developing, and testing new products ideas and materials. Patents protect many of our products and provide our customers with unique performance advantages.


Product Quality

We work with highly qualified experts and employ modern production equipment during the manufacture of our products. Our products are manufactured to ISO9002 standards. We take product quality very seriously, all of our products are routinely tested at the factory and again at our warehouse.  Our dedicated Quality Control Team tests every batch for tensile strength, abrasion, and elasticity.

EASYFIX Slat Rubber System has been awarded the prestigious DLG Signum and Forkus Test, which is an independent and internationally recognized test conducted by the German Agricultural Society.

Product Warranties

EASYFIX products are made from a premium quality natural rubber compound and molded plastic. Our products are fully tested to meet the highest of quality standards. To obtain a warranty service, please contact your EASYFIX Dealer with a copy of your original invoice or email