Meet the Team – Dan Griffiths

Meet our UK Sales Rep, Dan Griffiths

Dan has been part of the our United Kingdom team for over 4 years. He covers sales in the South of England and Wales. Dan first heard about EASYFIX in 2019 when he was asked by a friend would he be interested in fitting 300 free stalls in Wales. At the time, we were looking to employ someone in sales in the welsh market and Dan was offered a trial run to sell our beef and dairy solutions, after making a great first impression when helping to install the 300 stalls. “I often wonder have I passed this trial yet” Dan jokes when thinking back!

Dan comments on his first time fitting free stalls and is still in awe of one of our fitters, Paul McHugh and his ability to work with 2 SDS drills, one in each hand!!

Get to know Dan

Favorite colour free stalls & why?

The red stall of course, for Wales, it matches our Dragon Flag.

Favorite EASYFIX product & why?

The Jupiter F mattress. The comfort it offers is untouchable – it is the most comfortable mattress on the market. Comfort really is the most important part of the business.

Favorite breed of cow?

A Belted Galloway. It was my grandfathers favorite cow and the first breed of cow I remember. Look at the white ring around their belly, its adorable!

Ideal way to spend a Sunday?

Playing golf or else hiking up a mountain with my girlfriend and our two cocker spaniels, Millie & Martha.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the phone call you receive from a customer after they install our free stalls – often wishing they installed them sooner because they can see how happy & comfortable the cows are. It is an extremely rewarding feeling. My job in general is rewarding, I meet new people every day, travelling around the country.

Favorite EASYFIX memory?

Too many to think of but, mainly customer satisfaction and seeing a smile on farmers faces. A fond recent memory is meeting Andrew Pemberton and playing golf with him (YouTube Star Tom Pemberton’s Dad), that was a great day!

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