EASYFIX to attend Central Plains Dairy Expo

  • Event:
    Central Plains Dairy Expo
  • Date:
    29 March 2022
  • Location:
    The Sanford Premier Center Complex
  • Stand:

EASYFIX are delighted to announce we will be attending the Central Plains Dairy Expo 2022! This will take place from March 29th – 31st at the Sanford Premier Center Complex.

You will find us in booth C731! Why not drop by and take a look at our extensive range of Dairy Housing Solutions we have on display! Check out the Exhibitor Map and list of attendees here.

Our EASYFIX Display at the Central Plains Dairy Expo

After a long two years of missing out on Trade Shows and Exhibitions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to meeting all new and existing customers over the show days. Make sure to stop by to say hello and meet a friendly face!

This show attracts around 4,000 attendees each year. We will have our full range of Livestock Comfort products on display, with our expert team on site to advise you on suitable solutions for your Dairy Housing.

Check out the Central Plains Dairy Expo Website here, or you can download their new App, which will make your show experience much more convenient! There is a list of guest speakers, exhibition lists and maps, updates and a lot more all available at your fingertips through the app! Visit us in Booth C731!

EASYFIX Products on Display at the Central Plains Dairy Expo

Jupiter F Cow Mattress

As mentioned, we will have our extensive range of products on display. Amongst these, our Award-Winning Jupiter Cow Mattress will be on show! The Jupiter F Mattress is the worlds most comfortable cow mattress, providing superior levels of cow comfort to the animal when lying down.

Built with 45mm of latex foam underneath the rubber, as the cow lays down, ultimate comfort is achieved. The more comfortable the environment, the longer they will lie – therefore increasing milk production! These are an interlocking mat, with a hidden interlock which creates a seamless finish.

DLG Approved, Award Winning Jupiter F Mattress

The Jupiter F Mattress works hand in hand with our Flexible Free Stalls which help in maximising the comfort of the cow during lying times.

Flexible Freestalls

EASYFIX Flexible Freestalls were developed with the animal’s welfare and comfort in mind. These Flexible Stalls differ from the traditional ones as they allow the cow to easily manoeuvre within the stall spaces. The flex within the stall brings the freedom of the outdoors-indoor, increasing comfort and welfare.

Our Freestall allows cows to stand up without hitting off steel bars, reducing the fear of injury. The stall moves with the cow due to the flexibility created by the plastic arms and rubber loop at the end. The confidence levels of the animal boost, with the risk of injury eliminated. Lying times increase, as the stalls are more spacious and more comfortable for the cattle. The longer the cows lay, the higher their productivity levels are, meaning increased milk yields. Happy Cow = Happy Farmer!

There are three different types of Freestalls available. The EASYFIX Calm, Dream and Siesta. Each of these Freestalls work in conjunction with different bedding systems.

The EASYFIX Freestalls are now installed in over 50 countries worldwide, they are the safest, most comfortable Freestall in the world!

EASYFIX Dream Freestall

EASYFIX ‘Dream’ Freestall

The Dream Freestall is a two-bend design Freestall, for use alongside cow mat or mattress type system.

EASYFIX Calm Freestall

EASYFIX ‘Calm’ Freestall

The Calm Freestall is a straight flexible arm system, for use in cow mat and mattress systems, deep litter and sand type systems.

EASYFIX Siesta Freestall

EASYFIX ‘Siesta’ Freestalls

The Siesta Freestall system is a single bend design, for use in sand based and deep bed systems.

We look forward to meeting you at The Central Plains Dairy Expo!

Make sure to stop by Booth 731 on the day. Our full range of Livestock Comfort products will be on display, alongside these will feature our Award Winning Jupiter Mattress and Freestalls as shown above! Our knowledgeable team will be around each day to discuss any queries you may have.

See you at the Sanford Premier Center Complex for the Central Plains Dairy Expo 2022!

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