About Us

Our aim is to ensure a comfortable, sustainable and profitable future for your farming enterprise

Who we are & What we do?

Founded in 1996

Established in 1996, EASYFIX is a family-owned & run company that has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last 25 years. We’re hugely passionate about delivering products that meet the needs of our customers and their animals which is why we are the World’s Number 1 provider of Livestock Comfort. 

Research & Development

Our product range is all designed in-house and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our Product Development Team conducts extensive R&D to develop and test new product concepts and analyses product materials in order to ensure our products provide maximum comfort & performance.

Awards & Patents

Through our constant pursuit of innovation & excellence, our unique products have picked up numerous awards including LAMMA & Royal Highland Innovation Awards & DLG Certifications. Much of our product range is also patent protected. 


We export our products to over 60 markets Worldwide. Our headquarters are based in Galway, Ireland. We also have branches in Germany, United Kingdom & South Dakota in the United States. 


We are continuously researching, innovating & improving to make a significant difference to Livestock Comfort Worldwide. 


Our aim is to ensure a sustainable & profitable future for your farming enterprise! 

Farmers around the world are facing increased directives and regulations regarding the need to improve their environmental practices and the sustainability of their operations. EASYFIX aims to support farmers with these efforts by providing products that can help them meet these directives and regulations more easily. We are regularly engaged in research initiatives with leading universities to certify the benefits of our products for their environment. This means that farmers can trust in the products they are buying but also, in many cases, qualify for agricultural financial support schemes as a result of the purchase and its environmental friendliness.

Comfort & Performanace

Everything we do at EASYFIX revolves around Livestock Comfort, which is why we design, manufacture, and provide the most comfortable and innovative animal housing solutions available on the market worldwide.

We are strong believers that if you look after your animals, they will look after you. We understand that healthy animals are vital to the success of any farmer’s enterprise. Comfortable and healthy animals are productive animals. From our product designers to our fitters, our main aim is to improve the welfare of your livestock by providing the most comfortable solutions possible.

Dealers & Partnerships

We have a growing network of over 100 dealers around the World. We provide an extensive sales training program to all of our dealers in order to ensure they are equipped with expert knowledge on our extensive product range.

We have dealers located throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America & Australia. We carefully select our dealers, as we believe they are an extension of our EASYFIX team, we want to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products and service. We have developed partnerships with some of the World’s leading research institutions and universities in order to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best performing products on the market. 

Our values of innovation, animal welfare and sustainability are central to our business

We can provide a FREE design service to help you achieve these values too.
Our expert team, will arrange an on-farm visit to discuss your plan and provide you with a technical design and advisory service.