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Everything we do at EASYFIX revolves around enhancing Livestock Comfort, which is why we design, manufacture & develop the most comfortable & innovative animal housing solutions available on the market worldwide.


    We are continuously innovating and improving to make a significant difference to Livestock Comfort worldwide and to ensure farmers have a sustainable and profitable future.


    Our products have been awarded for Innovation, Comfort & Performance. Our aim is to provide you with the best-performing products on the market to ensure optimum comfort & welfare for your livestock.


    We can provide a FREE design service for your Farm Buildings. Our expert team, will arrange an on-farm visit to discuss your plan and provide you with a technical design and advisory service.

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    • The environment the cattle are living in has had a tremendous effect on performance, I would definitely install again. The cattle are cleaner the longer they stand on the mats.

      Dwight Foster, Beef Farmer, Ontario, Canada
    • It’s as close to dirt and grass that we can offer the cattle.
      Definitely a need to put rubber on slatted facilities. We made the right decision with EASYFIX.

      Grant Binford, Beef Farmer, MN, USA
    • We’ve seen increased lying times, reduced lameness and so far, we’ve seen a reduction in culling rates from 25% down to nearly 10% since Installing the EASYFIX Dairy Housing System.

      Nick Eccles, Dairy Farmer, UK


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      Case Study