Gerard Van Deelen, Holland


Veal Slat Rubber - EASYFIX - Gerard Van Deelen

Veal slat rubber flooring was installed by Gerard Van Deelen, a veal farmer based in Kootwijkerbroek, Holland. Gerard strongly believes that it is extremely beneficial to provide welfare-friendly flooring for his calves.

Gerard farms over 1,200 white veal calves annually. His most recent barn was built in 2014 by G. Van Beek & Co and houses 400 calves, the newly built barn has EASYFIX slat rubber installed.


Veal Slat Rubber - EASYFIX - Gerard Van Deelen

Gerard has observed numerous benefits since the installation of the EASYFIX Slat Rubber in his barn, he chose to install the EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber – VR 77 when he was building his barn.  When Mr. Van Deelen compared the difference in lameness in his calves between those housed on wooden slatted floors versus those housed on EASYFIX slat rubber the results were considerable. Gerard observed far less swollen knees in his calves and a substantial reduction in lameness in the calves who were housed on the welfare-friendly EASYFIX Slat Rubber.

There are many benefits associated with installing EASYFIX slat rubber such as an increase in calf comfort, welfare and performance. It reduces lameness, swelling in the carpal joints and incidences of bruising and swollen joints in veal calves.  The welfare-friendly EASYFIX slat rubber is suitable for white and rosé wooden veal slats and it effectively protects and extends the lifespan of them. The rubber is easy to install, clean and maintain ensuring they remain hygienic and calves remain clean. Payback on investing in the rubber slats is generally within 2-3 years and EASYFIX provides a 5-year warranty on all veal slat rubber.


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