Tips to improve cow comfort and increase productivity

13 Oct

In our experience dairy farmers love their cows and take great care of them. We know that the happier their cows are, the more productive they are and the happier the farmer is!

Cow comfort is a priority for dairy farmers and these days there are plenty of different opinions in terms of what constitutes the best approach. However, one thing that farmers have always instinctively known and that is when cow comfort is done correctly it can greatly contribute to the profitability of a dairy farm.

Unfortunately cows aren’t able to explain what makes them comfortable so to deliver results; EASYFIX has completed extensive research to produce first class products designed to improve cow comfort.

Comfortable Cows

Longitudinal studies have revealed a number of interesting insights that you can be implemented to improve the comfort of your herd.

It goes without saying that at all times your cows should have access to plenty of high quality feed and fresh water. Also, you’ll want to make sure that they have safe floors to walk on and a comfortable place to rest. Ideally cows need to be able to behave as naturally indoors as they would in a field.

Sore feet, mastitis, strained necks and swollen hocks can all be indicators that the conditions are a little harsh – so check regularly for any issues.

Make sure your herd is able to both stand and lie comfortably when they are in their cubicles and you’ll be well on the way to some very happy cows!

How much time does your herd rest for?

Everyone needs a break and your herd is no different. Rest times are critical and it has been proven that a reduction in resting times can lead to lower milk production.

When cows lie down there is more space for other cows to move around, their hooves can dry off and they are able to recuperate. Blood circulation through the udder increases by 30% during resting periods.

If conditions are ideal, cows can lie down for up to 14 hours per day, but if the surface they rest on is not comfortable, they tend to get up and move to look for another place to rest. Obviously, this interrupts their natural resting behaviour. This restlessness can interfere with your cows eating patterns.

The lying times naturally fit in between feeding and standing and it is very important therefore to provide a comfortable resting surface for your cows to maintain a natural pattern.

Cow Cubicle Design Improves Cow Comfort

Cow Comfort cow cubicles Easyfix

To help deliver maximum levels of cow comfort and achieve the desired lying times cow cubicles play an increasingly important role in the day-to-day running of a dairy farm.

EASYFIX has been working with farmers throughout the UK helping them to keep their cows comfortable and safe for over a decade. We launched our first cow cubicle back in 2009 and have sold over 110,000 units since then.

Our design team is constantly monitoring the latest research and in 2014 we upgraded the cubicle with the inclusion of a flexible rubber loop. This greatly increased the level of safety provided by the cubicle for the cow. Reducing injuries is a major goal for any dairy farmer and the addition of the rubber loop has been very popular with our customers.

For the maximum level of cow comfort, we have developed an innovative cow cubicle accessory, the EASYFIX Scratcher. These can be easily added to our cubicles so that cows are encouraged to use them more frequently.

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