EASYFIX DLG Certification

EasyFixTM Slat Rubber System

Brief Description

  • Black profiled slat rubber mats ranging from 18 to 22 mm in thickness, with rippled studs /wedges on the underside (length approx. 45 mm, width approx. 35 mm, height approx. 50 mm);
  • Integrated sloping profile on the surface (height of the middle of the surface is 22 mm and at the gap 18 mm);
  • Diamond-shaped pattern on the surface;
  • No profile on bottom side;
  • Fitted as single mats.


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Evaluation – Summary

Assessment Criteria Assessment Outcomes Assessment value
Suitability suitable as contact single or double slat surface for cattle stables


Technical criteria
Wear and Tear Resistance Ageing and Durability (Test & Trials)
abrasion test good wear resistance +
continuous tread load No long-term deformation ++
surface Minimal wear +
bottom side Underside +
acid test no alterations to the surface +
Measurements adherence No remarkable changes in length or width +
deformations Nil ++
Handling, laying
D.I.Y. laying simple +
fixation stable and reliable +
installation instructions short and comprehensible o
Surface cleanability
soiling gaps o
stepping surfaces o
cleaning no problems +
high pressure cleaner 10 cm minimum clearance when using a flat jet nozzle +
30 cm clearance when using a rotary dirt turbo nozzle +
warranty and recycling 5 years with linear depreciation
mats are taken back by manufacturer +
Animal related criteria
Behavioural observations
movement behaviour increased activity +
comfort and heat behaviour pronounced +
Slip resistance
slip resistance during slide pulling tests good +
foothold good +
Claw appraisal
mechanical-traumatical findings positive influence +
shape of the hoof wall standing over in more than 50% of claws +
Deformability and elasticity
in new state 2.25 mm, good +
after continuous tread load 2.20 mm, good +
Toxicological innocuousness
certified by the manufacturer o
Evaluation range: ++/+/ o /-/– (o= standard)