Veal Slat Rubber – VR 110/VR 130

Increasing comfort, welfare and performance of calves in the veal industry.

The EASYFIX VR 110/VR 130 is a patented two strip rubber slat mat that is suitable for both concrete and wooden slats. The natural rubber covering is attached with our patented rubber wedge system.

EASYFIX Veal Slat rubber features the ‘Gold Standard Soft Top’ and was developed specifically for veal calves. The sloped surface ensures the fast removal of waste material ensuring calves have a dry and clean surface to lie on. Air chambers on the underside create an insulating barrier, which significantly improves calf comfort and welfare.

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    Increases calf comfort, welfare and performance

    The cushioning effect of the veal slat mats increases lying times which improves feed conversion and overall performance.

    Air chambers on the underside create an insulating barrier

    The air chambers on the underside create an insulating barrier which increases comfort for the calves.

    Reduces lameness

    The comfortable ‘Gold Standard Soft Top’ profile reduces lameness and swollen carpals joints.

    Hygienic and easy to clean

    The sloped profile provides faster drainage to create a dry lying surface and cleaner calves.


    1. Patented two strip rubber flooring for concrete and wooden slats.
    2. Gold Standard ‘Soft Top’ with high-grip strips
    3. Sloped profile resulting in better drainage
    4. Made from a durable natural rubber compound
    5. The natural rubber covering is attached with our patented rubber wedge system for ease of installing
    6. Custom size slats available


    Custom sizes available for all slat sizes


    5 years


    Veal Housing
    What are the measurements for a narrow wedge in slat rubber?
    38mm or less (wedges can be adapted for gaps as low as 20mm)
    Can off sized slats be catered for
    Yes, we can tailor rubber to all slat sizes.
    What application is suitable for heavy stock lie back areas?
    MG Max 4 (SuperGrip Mat), MG Max 8 (SuperGrip plus) or MG Evo (SuperGrip Dairy mat).
    Can the EASYFIX Mercury (Standard Mats) be used in lie back areas?
    No, the EASYFIX Mercury is not suitable for lie back areas.
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    VR 110130 Veal Slat Rubber Technical Data Sheet
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    Delivering 2,350 veal calves a year on EASYFIX Slat Rubber
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    EASYFIX Veal Slat Rubber chosen by Hans Luijerinks
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    • We deliver around 4,000 calves each year. We have tried and tested many different types of flooring. The EASYFIX floor stood out to us. We have had it in full use for about 5 or 6 years in multiple barns. It has delivered fantastic results. The most important factor to us is that it is socially responsible; we now offer a better level of animal protection.

      Hans & Marloes Luijerink, Ruhenbergerweg in Overdinkel
    • Animal welfare is a high priority in this company, and that is why we tried to take a step forward and install the rubber floors for the calves’ well-being. The big advantage of EASYFIX rubber on the floor is that the calves have a better foothold, especially new-born calves. In addition, the floors are soft, and therefore great for the animals’ well-being. We have also seen fewer claw and hoof problems

      Elbert Wijnne, Beekzicht, Scherpenzeelseweg