EASYFIX Calf Slats

The EASYFIX Calf Slat provides an elevated slatted flooring solution for young calves, which is easy-to-store, portable and reusable.

Calf slats offer an alternative to straw bedding and the treated timber with its soft rubber covering creates a dry comfortable lying surface for young calves.

The rubber covering is designed with slip strips and fitted to a treated timber platform; the platform is then elevated on 38mm rubber blocks.

2 Sizes now Available!




  • Eliminates the need for straw, which is costly.
  • Calves always have a comfortable, dry lying area, therefore reducing navel infections.
  • Quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Easy to monitor nutritional scours against the black rubber.
  • Easy to clean with a power hose
  • Cuts down on manual labour and running expense.


  • Soft, sloped rubber covering with slip strip.
  • Easy to store and relocate.
  • 30 mm gap between the slats wide enough to allow liquids through, but narrow enough to stop cleats getting caught.
  • Rubber blocks underneath the timber to avoid contact with water.
  • Treated timber, lasting for up to 10 years.


2 Sizes now Available!

1980mm x 960mm

1220mm x 755mm


5 Years


Calf Housing, Dairy Calf Housing, Calf beds

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EASYFIX Calf Slats

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