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Ensuring that feed always remains in front of cattle!

The EasyFeeder is an interlocking plastic trough system for feed lanes.

The moulded, non-toxic and shatterproof plastic has a smooth, raised and sloped plastic surface. It is suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons.

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    Reduces feed waste and labour

    As the feed is kept in the trough, the cows can’t push the feed away, resulting in less feed waste and labour managing this.

    Increases feed intake

    The feed always remains in front of cattle resulting in increased feed intake.

    Reduces contamination from birds and rodents

    As the feed is fully surrounded within the trough, this reduces contamination from birds and rodents.

    Suitable for use with all feeding systems

    The trough is suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons.


    1. Interlocking plastic feed trough system
    2. Sections can be interlocked to give the required length
    3. Adjustable width to suit feeding needs
    4. Caps at the top for filling with water and release plugs at the bottom
    5. Moulded fork lift points
    6. Made from a lightweight, shatterproof plastic


    1570mm x 650mm x 650mm


    5 years


    Feeding Areas
    Will it move?
    The EASYFEEDER once locked in a run will become very rigid and animals won’t move it. For short runs, water can be added to the unit to add weight and prevent movement.
    Can it be easily moved?
    Each section is 1.5m long and interlocks together so it is easy to unlock and move a section if required.
    Will it work with my Feeder Wagon
    The EASYFEEDER is 0.6m high and is designed to work with all Diet Feeder Wagons and Tubs.
    EASYFIX Beef & Dairy Product Brochure
    EasyFeeder Technical Data Sheet


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    Case Study