EASYFIX Cow Cubicles offer superior cow comfort, greatly enhance cow welfare, increase productivity and maximise performance. We have sold over half a million cow cubicles around the globe and they remain the safest and most comfortable cubicle on the market!

Everything at EASYFIX revolves around Livestock Comfort, which is why we design, manufacture and provide the most comfortable and innovative dairy housing solutions available on the market worldwide.

Our innovative cubicle designs allow unrestricted lunge space which ensures cows can easily manoeuvre within the cubicle spaces. Our uniquely designed cow cubicles allow cows to stand up and lie down without fear of injury which ensures they are more confident and stress free.

The revolutionary EASYFIX Cow Cubicle delivers the freedom of the outdoors-indoors and is proven to maximise cow comfort, welfare and thrive. There are three patented and innovative designs or our EASYFIX cubicles. The EASYFIX Dream, Calm and Siesta.

With almost half a million EASYFIX cubicles installed in over 50 countries across the globe it continues to live up to its billing as ‘the safest and most comfortable cow cubicle in the world’.



EASYFIX Dream is a new cubicle system with a two-bend design for use in conjunction with a cow mat or mattress type system.

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    EASYFIX Calm

    EASYFIX Calm is a cubicle system with a straight flexible arm, designed for use in conjunction with a mat or mattress, deep litter beds and sand type systems.

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      EASYFIX Siesta

      EASYFIX Siesta is a cubicle system with a single bend design for use in conjunction with sand based or deep bed systems.

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        How does it work?

        Our flexible cubicle system accommodates the size of each cow, encourages cows to lie correctly and for longer periods. Increased lying times combined with improved cow comfort leads to higher milk production.

        The flexible cubicle arms, rubber loop and rubber neckrail brackets provide freedom of movement into and out of the cubicle leading to a significant reduction in injuries. Reducing injuries is a major factor that contributes to a reduction in healthcare and veterinary costs, as well as lowering replacement rates.

        The fixed rubber coupling is designed to attach the neckrail to the cubicle. Its moulded natural rubber composition is cow friendly and requires no maintenance. The patented flexible rubber coupling is designed to accommodate larger cows and improves their comfort and welfare.

        Why use Easyfix Cubicles?

        Enhances Cow Comfort & Welfare

        EASYFIX Cubicles are more spacious, cows lie down quicker and for longer periods of time without the risk of injury. Cows are encouraged to lie correctly within the cubicle bed.

        Increases productivity

        Increased lying times = higher milk yields. Research shows that cows can lie for up to 14 hours a day. Therefore, the more comfortable you make the cows environment, the longer they will lie.

        Reduces Injuries & Associated Veterinary costs

        Our flexible cubicle system accommodates the size of each cow. The durable plastic arms, rubber loops and neckrail brackets allow for easier movement within the cubicle giving cows greater confidence when laying down and getting up from the cubicles, therefore greatly reducing the likelihood of injury occurring.


        1. Flexible plastic pipes, rubber loop and rubber neckrail couplings.
        2. Fixed and flexible rubber couplings now available.
        3. Easy to install and adjust.
        4. Available in red, green and blue.


        • EASYFIX Beef & Dairy Product Brochure
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        • Calm Cubicle Technical Data Sheet
        • Dream Cubicle Technical Data Sheet
        • Siesta Cubicle Technical Data Sheet
        • Cubicle Installation Manual (Square Posts)
        • Cubicle Installation Manual (Round Posts)
        • Cow Guide Installation Manual
        • Contrasting the lying down times of cows occupying steal cubicles compared to plastic cubicles.
        • EASYFIX at the cutting edge of cow comfort at UCD’s new €2.3m facilities


        Will the cubicles break?
        • No
        • The steel used is 4mm box &/Or Tube – which is 30% heavier than steel used in traditional steel cubicles
        • The material used for the plastic pipe is a special PPR compound which retains its shape and has a 13mm wall ensuring it can survive in a tough agricultural environment
        • We offer a 10 year warranty on the EASYFIX Cubicles
        What width should they be installed at?
        We recommend that cubicles are installed at 44” to 46” max. The flexibility in the design offers increased room compared to traditional steel. Keeping cubicles to this width ensures that cows will lie in a straight and correct position and prevent soiling of the lying area.
        What is the recommended length for beds?
        Single cubicles – 8’ – 2.4m
        Head to Head/Double – 7’6” – 2.28m
        Will Cows turn around in them?
        • If cubicles are installed at the correct width there should be no issue with cows turning. However, in any given herd of cows there are always ones who do not play by the rules and will turn whether it’s a steel cubicle or a plastic cubicle – the only difference is the cow will do it safely and not get hurt, whereas there is an increased risk of injury in steel cubicles.

        Please speak to your EASYFIX rep for best advise on how to set up your cubicles based on your scenario.
        Why should I buy these instead of steel cubicles?
        • EASYFIX Cubicles offer increased comfort over traditional steel systems.
        • Cows will not get hurt, injured or trapped in the EASYFIX cubicles.
        • If cows are given a choice between EASYFIX Cubicles and steel cubicles they will choose EASYFIX every time.
        • We have many installations where both products sit side by side and cows prefer EASYFIX every time. It’s important to listen to your cows!
        What other benefits are there?
      • Increased lying times, leads to increased milk yields, no injuries, lower replacement rates, cows are more comfortable and stress free.
      • Their behaviour is more natural in terms of rising and lying down, with no fear of hitting a solid steel structure when rising or lying down.
      • Why do I need a brisket board?
        • The brisket board ensures cow lie in the correct position and not too far forward, so beds are cleaner and drier.
        • Correct positioning is important – We recommend 6’ or 1.8m from the heelstone. – No sharp edges if using anything other than EASYFIX brisket board.
        What is the purpose of the rubber loop?
        The rubber loop was added to the cubicle to connect the top and bottom pipes and provide a closed system to ensure cows did not get hurt by hitting the pipe ends from the side, also for cows wearing heat collars there is no risk of cows getting the collar caught in the pipe – there have been cows hung in alternate systems with open pipe systems.
        What is the difference between the fixed rubber coupling and flexible rubber coupling?
        The neckrail coupling whether fixed or flexible both are designed to optimize cow comfort, the flexible neck rail offers increased flex of the neckrail in particular for larger cows.
        What are the scratchers for?
        The EASYFIX scratchers were developed to further add to the cow comfort of the system, cows love to scratch off a variety of things in their environment, gates etc. this is a safe and comfortable addition to the cubicle delivering exceptional cow comfort
        Can you install them on existing cubicles?
        Yes, they can be retro fitted to existing systems.
        Where should they be positioned on the cubicles?
        We have conducted research and examined various positions to install the scratchers and the key hot spots are:
        • Neckrail centre
        • At the loop joint on top pipe
        Are the EASYFIX Cubicles suitable for installation with all bedding systems?
        EASYFIX cubicles can be used with all bedding systems i.e. sand, mattress, deep litter etc.
        What colours are the EASYFIX cubicles available in?
        Cubicles are available in Red, Green, & Blue
        Easyfix FREE Design Service

        Dairy House Design

        We provide a FREE design service for made to measure dairy cubicle housing systems. We can arrange an on-farm visit to discuss your dairy housing plans, during which our experienced team will provide you with an on-site technical design and advisory service.

        Please feel free to contact us for more information.

        • I replaced all my steel cubicles with EASYFIX Cubicles in 2015. Cows are now lying better in the cubicles and there have been no cows hurt or injured. I have great peace of mind knowing that there will be no be surprises when I enter the shed each morning.

          Brendan Gildea, Dunmore, Co. Galway
        • I replaced all my steel cubicles with EASYFIX Cubicles in 2015. Cows are now lying better in the cubicles and there have been no cows hurt or injured. I have great peace of mind knowing that there will be no be surprises when I enter the shed each morning.

          Daniel Fitzpatrick, Lisdowney, Co Kilkenny
        • I am delighted with the EASYFIX Cubicles, cows don’t get stuck in them, they love them. I would not put in a steel cubicle if I got them for free. EASYFIX says the cubicles reduces injuries I say it eliminates them.

          James Conn Castlerock, Derry


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