10 Aug

Potstown Farm located in Middlebie, Lockerbie is hosting a dairy open day on Thursday 24th August, 2017 from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

Potstown Farm is a modern dairy enterprise

Potstown Farm is a modern dairy enterprise located in Middlebie, Lockerbie. They currently milk 230 cows with 4 Lely Robots in a fully housed system.

They purchased the first two Lely robots in Dec 2012 and put them into an existing building. In September 2014, they started to build on a new dairy housing unit, which was completed in June 2015; they purchased 2 new robots and moved the 2 existing robots into the new shed.

Cow comfort is a priority

In 2014, they purchased a neighbouring farm comprising of 218 acres, bringing the total land block up to 395 acres. The farm has heavy soil and the cows are housed all year round, so comfort was a priority when it came to the new dairy unit at Potstown Farm. Grass silage is fed all year round and no other crops are grown on the farm.

New dairy housing at Potstown Farm

In 2014, Robinsons Farm Buildings completed the new dairy housing unit with 240 EASYFIX flexible cubicles and 50mm double foam mattresses, which were supplied by JSF Fencing.

Prior to the new dairy housing unit, they noticed cows picking up injuries in their existing steel cubicles. They researched a number of options for the new dairy housing unit before they decided to go with EASYFIX flexible cubicles and 50 mm foam mattresses in the new build. The new housing facilities allowed them to increase cow numbers to 230 cows with further plans to expand to between 250 – 270 cows.

Owen Family hosts Open Day at Potstown Farm

The Owen Family is hosting a Farm Open Day at Potstown Farm on Thursday 24th August 2017 from 10am – 2pm.

Representatives from EASYFIX, Lely, JSF, Robinsons and Owen Farm Services will be available to discuss options for robotic milking and dairy housing solutions.

If you have any queries on dairy housing solutions contact us.

All are welcome!