Robotic Dairy Farm with EASYFIX Livestock Comfort & Dairy Housing Solutions – Cow Cubicles & Mattresses

Earlier this year we visited one of our customers James Hill, a dairy farmer based on the outskirts of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Farming alongside his father, they have just over 400 acres, of which is predominately grass and arable and is mainly fed back to their herd of 120 Holstein Friesian dairy cows.

Dairy Housing Design

Approximately 4 years ago, James and his father built a new shed, complete with two Lely Astronaut 4 Robots. Comfort and welfare were at the forefront of their minds when designing the shed. At the time of construction, they opted for a loose housing system. However, they soon observed that vet bills were becoming a monthly occurrence and ranging anywhere from £600-£800 a month due to mastitis. A combination of cows suffering from mastitis issues and the rising cost of straw meant James and his father decided to look at alternative dairy housing options. They spent some time researching the various options available to them, such as steel cubicles and various different companies. After much thought and extensive research, they decided that EASYFIX would be the best option for them. Moving from a loose housing system, they wanted to ensure they were creating an environment where the cows could lay comfortably without the worry and fear of them damaging themselves.

The Benefits of installing EASYFIX Cow Cubicles & Mattresses

James has had our dairy housing system installed for over a year now and has noticed a significant rise in visits to the robots, which in turn has meant an increase in milk yields.

‘The comfort, the welfare, the contentness and calmness of the cows, the visits coming into the robots, the serious reduction in mastitis – It speaks for itself’

James Hill

Get In Contact With The Team

You can watch James full video below. If you have any questions about our cow cubicles and mattresses seen in the video, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.