FETF make Animal Welfare a priority – Grant Extended!

Did you know the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF), Animal Health and Welfare Grant has recently been extended until midday 15 June 2023!

What does this FETF Grant mean for Farmers?

The FETF Grant was introduced so Farmers can invest in equipment and technology which will help improve sustainable agricultural productivity and contribute to improving Animal Health and Welfare. This grant creates a further opportunity for Famers across the UK to increase Cow Comfort in their farms. Each farmer has a maximum draw down of £25,000 with this grant. 

The FETF Grant is split into two portals: The Animal Health and Welfare Portal and the Productivity and Slurry Portal. (). The Animal Health and Welfare Portal has recently been extended until midday on 15 June 2023.

Did you know a vast majority of our EASYFIX Products are covered under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 (FETF)?

What EASYFIX Products are covered under the FETF Grant?

Here at EASYFIX we design and develop all our products with Animal Welfare and Comfort in mind. Several of our products are now covered under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund. From our award-winning Slat Rubber to our Flexible Cubicles, our products are now Grant-Aided to all Farmers in England!

Cow Mattresses – FETF222A

Jupiter-easyfix-cow-mattress-4 fetf grant approved

“A rubber or latex covering, with inclusion of foam, for the cubicle areas of cowsheds. Must be at least 40mm in depth to be eligible” Our Jupiter F/F45 Cow Mattresses are covered in this new grant.

With 45mm of PU latex foam, our Jupiter Mattress creates a cushioned top surface which provides maximum cow comfort. This mattress has been designed specifically with a hidden interlock to create a seamless finish.

Rubber Flooring mats for cattle – FETF226A

mgmax-mgevo-covered under  fetf grant

“Matting for use in livestock buildings, particularly feed passages, cubicle alleys, walkways and milking parlours. Mats are fitted by interlocking and can be bought with interlocking or straight sides. Matting must be at least 19mm thick with anti-slip surface.”

We provide an extensive range of rubber flooring suitable for installation in milking parlours, walkways, feed lanes and more. Our rubber matting solutions provides extra comfort for your livestock whether they are in the feed passage, walkway or milking parlour. Rubber Matting offers a superior grip versus concrete, providing cows confidence when walking as they are not afraid of slipping.  

The following Rubber Matting are qualified under the FETF226A category: MG Evo, MG Motion, Max 4/8, MG Chevron. For all technical information on our rubber flooring that is qualifying for the grant check out our website.

Flexible Cubicle Dividers – FETF229A

Flexible Cubicle - FETF Grant approved!

“Cubicle partitions that flex as the cow enters to automatically adjust to size. Cubicles must be fully flexible, and not simply adjustable and rigid thereafter. Each cubicle must allow cattle to change position from standing to lying in a normal manner without difficulty, hindrance or injury.”

Our innovative Cubicle design allows unrestricted lunge space meaning cows can easily manoeuvre within the cubicle spaces. Cows can stand up and lie down without fear of injury making them more confident and stress free. The flexible cubicle arms, rubber loop and neckrail brackets provide a freedom of movement, reducing injuries of the cows coming in and out of the cubicles.

There are three different types of EASYFIX cubicles, suitable for different bedding systems – Calm, Dream and Siesta and available in red, blue and green.

Rubber coverings for slatted floors for cattle buildings – FETF234A

Slat Rubber -

“Rubber coverings for concrete slats to increase cow comfort. Slat holes should be cut on site to ensure drainage capacity is maintained.”  

EASYFIX Slat Rubber are our No.1 selling product worldwide! They are designed to improve the comfort and welfare of cattle housed on concrete slats. Our reinforced slat rubber has a high-grip profile, a patented easy to fit rubber wedge on the underside and comes with a 5-year warranty. The cushioning effect on the rubber increases average daily weight gain.  Our SDR option has a smooth and sloped profile for quick urine run-off which increases drainage as well as reducing emissions.

Our slatted rubber coverings are designed to fit old and new concrete slats, of all sizes.

Apply for the Farming Equipment Technology Fund here before midday 15 June 2023!

Click here to find out more about eligible items in the Animal Health & Welfare annex 4 FETF.

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