Demand in Northern Ireland continues to grow for EASYFIX

Richard Halloran from Farming Life visited Tom Sloane earlier this week. 

EASYFIX has confirmed a growing demand for its slat rubber system across Northern Ireland. This innovative product provides greater levels of comfort, grip, sure footedness and confidence for farm animals – plus peace of mind for the farmer.

EASYFIX Slat Rubber is eligible for grant aid under Band 1 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme. “We are receiving very high levels of inquiries regarding our slat rubber products in the wake of the Tier 1 launch,” confirmed EASYFIX Sales Manager, Ronan Boyle.

“And this trend ties in with the high level of interest expressed by farmers attending the recent DAERA roadshows, in products that enhance animal comfort levels.

A pronounced and superior level of grip on the surface of the Easyfix rubber, combined with an enhanced profile, delivers improved welfare and daily growth rates of cattle.

“Improved comfort and sure footedness will help deliver enhanced growth rates.”

Loughbrickland beef finisher Tom Sloane agrees: “I put the EASYFIX slat rubber down in a slatted finishing house almost five years ago,” he said.

“From the very outset, I noticed that the cattle were more content. They could get to their feet much faster when I entered the shed. Stiffness was less of a problem and the animals were much less prone to slippage and injury. Growth rates also improved”

Tom added: “The rubber is as effective now as it was the day it was laid. The EASYFIX team measured the shed and fitted the product for me. I was extremely happy with the service they provided.”

EASYFIX will have a major presence at this year’s Winter Fair.

“We will be featuring our entire product range,” confirmed Ronan Boyle.

“This includes our EASYFIX slat rubber systems for beef and dairy cattle plus our rubber floor matting and cow cubicle systems.

“Many of our products are eligible for support under the Farm Business Improvement Scheme. We will be able to provide full details to visitors when they visit the stand.

Ronan concluded: “It has long been recognised that enhancing animal comfort will consistently improve livestock performance, in terms of higher milk yields and better growth rates. It really is a win:win scenario for both livestock and the farmers involved.

“With this in mind, producers wishing to see how the theory behind improved animal comfort can be put into practice, in the most cost effective way possible, should take the opportunity of calling to the EASYFIX stand at the Winter Fair.”

For further information visit: www.easyfix.com


Source: Farming Life