Meet the Easyfix Team – Rhys McLoughlin, Agri Sales Consultant UK

19 Jul

Rhys McLoughlin grew up in a farming community in Wales and these days you’ll find him criss-crossing the country, meeting farmers, discussing animal welfare and giving great advice. He offers advice on the most suitable Easyfix products available, to improve productivity and animal comfort. Rhys joined the Easyfix team a few months back as an Agri Sales Consultant, covering farms across the UK. We caught up with him between farm visits, to find out about his work and the challenges on the ground, that he helps farmers to address…..


How did you come to work with Easyfix Rhys?

This is my dream job! I love being outdoors, chatting with farmers and being able to improve the welfare of their animals. It’s brilliant to have total confidence in the products that you are selling. It wasn’t just a case of applying to work with Easyfix cold – I got to know the company and its’ agri products well years ago, when I worked with a local dealer. I was used to selling cubicles and slat rubber systems into beef and dairy farms. In hindsight, this was a really useful experience, I got a good insight into the different options in the marketplace and was left in no doubt that the Easyfix products are the best out there. That makes it easier for me to sell, because the farmers I work with are very clued in and of course, they all talk to each other.

So why do you think farmers choose Easyfix products?

Animal comfort and safety are a high priority on any farm; this is especially true when it comes to buying cow cubicles. Easyfix has sold more than 100,000 cubicles into 25 countries and has further developed the product to incorporate a flexible rubber loop and rubber couplings, so we can now make the claim to fame that we offer the “safest and most comfortable cow cubicle in the world”! In practice, this means that cows can lie comfortably in their cubicles, so they are likely to rest for longer periods. Increased resting times is proven to deliver an increase in milk production – so it’s a win-win; from an animal welfare and a commercial perspective. Don’t take my word for it – see how chilled these cows look! I’ve sold into a huge range of farm sizes, from 12 cubicles to 500 and the benefits are the same to one cow as 500! Just to mention – we’ve found that back scratchers are a great, low cost way, to improve environmental enrichment.

There’s a 10-year warranty on the cubicles, so if anything breaks, it’s replaced free of charge – you wouldn’t get that on a top-end car! The cubicles are designed to last, even with all the wear and tear you get on a farm – that gives our customers great peace of mind.

It’s worth mentioning, that the cubicles are easy to install. But like all these things; it’s only easy because a lot of research, testing and thought went into the design of the cubicles.

Obviously, we sell lots of related products too – slat rubber for beef and dairy farming, cow mattresses and more. Slat rubber was the original product that Easyfix manufactured and we’re still a primary supplier globally for slat rubber in the beef, dairy and veal sectors.

What issues are farmers discussing with you?

Well needless to say Brexit is on everyone’s mind, but milk prices are always a hot topic and have an immediate impact, for obvious reasons. Happily, milk prices are good right now – a lot better than before – and farmers are very pro-active in terms of re-investing in their farms, when cashflow allows.

We’re finding that lots of our customers are keen to make investment decisions right now, while finance allows it.  It’s a good time to be supplying into farms for that reasons. When farmers buy cow cubicles and other long-life products, we know it’s not just about animal comfort but it’s also an investment designed to secure their commercial viability into the future. And I doubt any community works harder than farmers to keep their business going – it’s a way of life and it’s great to be part of that!

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