Flexible cubicles the preferred option on Ballymena dairy farm

26 Jul

Flexible cubicles are the best on farm investment for cow comfort

Father and son team, Randal and Gareth Hayes were recently featured in popular publication Farming Life. They milk just over 100 cows robotically on the outskirts of Ballymena in Co Antrim and have flexible cubicles for over 10 years. The herd is currently averaging 8,500 litres with good butterfats and proteins.

Year-round confinement for their cows has put an additional focus on meeting the animals’ comfort needs in full.  An important response to this challenge has been a commitment to investing in the best cow comfort products in the marketplace including EASYFIX flexible cubicles.

Replacement of old rigid steel cubicles

“We have gradually replaced all of the older, rigid steel cubicles with the EASYFIX options,” said Gareth. It has turned out to be one of the best farm management decisions we ever made. Our cubicles are 3½ feet wide and 7 feet long. Previously we would have had problems with cows getting stuck in the old steel cubicles. But this has not been an issue, since the EASYFIX Cubicles were installed.”

EASYFIX flexible cubicles are very robust

“They may look quite fragile. But, in reality EASYFIX flexible cubicles are very robust. What’s more, they are very easy to repair, should something need to be replaced.”

I can also confirm that not one cow has attempted to turn around in the new cubicles since their installation. This is further validation that they are designed-for-purpose.”

flexible cubicles on ballymena dairy farmMeeting the welfare needs for dairy cows

According to EASYFIX, the flexible cubicles are a significant development in supporting dairy farmers, to meet the comfort and welfare needs of their cows. They offer enhanced safety features due to their flexible design. The flexible cubicle arms and rubber loops are cow friendly and moveable, leading to a reduction in bruises and injuries.

Cows lie down quicker and for longer periods, leading to an increase in milk production. In addition, the cubicles offer better utilisation of space within sheds and allow for additional cubicles spaces, compared to steel cubicles. They can also be retro fitted in existing buildings


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