Cow Comfort – Flexible Cubicles versus Steel Cubicles

14 Nov

In recent years there has been greater awareness of cow comfort and how it can benefit a modern dairy farm.

Poorly designed dairy housing units, can result in different types of injuries to the herd which no farmer wants to see. There are many ways to improve cow comfort and increase production levels.

A lot of research goes into good housing design. Incorporating modern cow cubicles as part of the design process is an important way of increasing cow comfort.

In this article we discuss the benefits of flexible plastic cubicles over steel cubicles…..

Cow Cubicle Design

The design of cow cubicles has come a long way over the past 10 years. Extensive studies on how cows raise and lower their bodies into and out of a comfortable lying position – and the effect on the space occupied by the animals during this motion – has heavily influenced the design approach for modern cow cubicles.

Traditionally many cow cubicles were designed using steel frames. Animals often get hurt when they knock against the tough metal frames or get caught in the frame when trying to turn. This often results in bruising, injuries, stressed cows and increased veterinary bills.

Farmers across the UK are now moving to flexible cow cubicles. For some, the investment in upgrading their cubicle housing system is seen as a no brainer and of course the welfare benefits for the herd are enormous.

Flexible Cubicle Benefits

One of the obvious advantages of using flexible cubicles is the increase in comfort and safety for cows.

EASYFIX Cubicles are designed with a rubber loop and rubber neck rail coupling that allow cows to move easily in and out of the cubicle. This simple but extremely important design feature ensures cows are more comfortable and rest for longer periods. Ensuring the herd maintains their natural cycle of resting, socialising and eating will lead to increased milk production.

Also, as the incidence of the animal injuring themselves is greatly reduced, there is a reduction in healthcare bills and replacement costs.

Flexible cow cubicle systems are much easier to clean and promote good hygiene levels.

The flexible plastic arms are extremely strong and have a 10 year warranty. Have a look at our video for a demo……

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