Beef Production – Big Opportunities in the UK Market

16 Oct

Finishing beef is a complex process and providing a safe and comfortable environment is a key priority for UK farmers. In fact, farmers right across the UK are investing in the latest animal comfort – to improve welfare and achieve increased profitability.

The UK produces some of the finest beef available and the future looks bright, particularly where the domestic market is concerned. Chris Mallon, Chief Executive of the National Beef Association (NBA), stated in a recent interview with Farming UK that “exports are great, especially for the third quarter,  we have the best market for beef in the world here in the UK.” Whilst 70% of the beef consumed in Britain is beef produced in the UK, this clearly shows that there is a 30% gap that can be tapped into by the British farming community.

Beef Operation Management

Not only do British farms produce excellent beef they are also managing some of the most valued landscapes in the UK. Much has been written about animal welfare and about environmental stewardship and significant progress is ongoing in both of these areas.  In our experience farmers are passionate about providing the best possible conditions for their cattle, and about protecting the environment – with farms often passing from generation to generation, farmers take a keen interest in sustainability.

Obviously, each production facility has different capabilities and resources to manage and maintain, such as land, labour, feed, housing and machinery. EASYFIX is well aware that managing the various elements can be challenging, given the impact of climate changes across the seasons. Winter is probably one of the most challenging times of course and certain steps need to be taken to plan well for the season ahead. Farmers know that facilities need to be put in place to offer cattle suitable winter accommodation.

So right now, a lot of farms are reviewing their facilities and getting ready to house their cattle indoors over the coming months.

Winter Housing

beef production easyfix lieback areas

Cattle need to be protected from heavy rain, frosts and snow and effective housing solutions will deliver real commercial benefits, as well as offer the herd better conditions and a higher standard of animal welfare. We are seeing more and more farms adding slatted housing solutions and calf housing solutions to their indoor facilities.

State of the art rubber matting solutions such as Lieback Areas are an excellent choice for creating a comfortable and safe place for cows to rest when indoors. They also greatly reduce the risk of lameness and improve feed conversion rates.

Supporting Market Growth

EASYFIX is proud to be able to support growth in the beef market and we have been designing housing solutions for over twenty years. Our team is dedicated to creating the best products for your farm and we constantly monitor the latest research in the industry to improve our housing solutions.

In 1996 we first launched our slat rubber system to the market and it was a great success, in fact it is now supplied in over 30 different countries. We have recently launched our latest EASYFIX SR Slat Rubber with a new reinforced design, high grip profile and 8 year warranty.

New EASYFIX Slat Rubber

Beef Production slat rubber Easyfix

Our new SDR Slat Rubber has a smooth and sloped profile for faster run off of waste. It’s softer for increased comfort and has with an eight-year warranty.

When the rubber flooring is installed on the concreate slats it creates an insulated surface that increases standing times at the feed face. This is very important as a higher feed intake increases average daily weight gains. Housing cattle on slat rubber versus bare concrete slats has been proven to greatly reduce lameness.

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