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Sand saving mat that enhances cow comfort in deep cubicle beds

The EASYFIX Spirit mat (SandSaver) has honeycomb shaped compartments to maximise the distribution of sand in deep bed cubicle systems.

The sloped profile towards the front of the mat allows the cow to lower and rise with ease.

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    Ideal for use with sand or organic bedding materials

    The mat maximises the distribution of sand in deep cubicle beds and also reduces sand use by 20-40%.

    Reduces sand use

    The mat reduces the use of sand by 20-40%.

    Suitable for DIY Installation

    The mat is very easy to install and is suitable for DIY.

    No maintenance required

    The mat requires no maintenance and is suitable for use with sand rakes/groomers.


    1. Honeycomb shaped compartments
    2. Sloped profile towards the front of the mat allows greater depth of sand
    3. Natural rubber compound
    4. Semi-closed cells to ensure the mat stays in position


    1150mm x 1400mm
    (Sloped from 30mm to 100mm)


    5 years


    Dairy housing
    EASYFIX Beef & Dairy Product Brochure
    Spirit Technical Data Sheet


    Case Study


    Case Study