Sausage Bags

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NEW Pre-Filled Sausage Bags!

The EASYFIX Pre-filled Sausage Bags are made from 100% woven PP virgin material & filled with certified washed pea gravel which is free from toxic residue.

Providing a complete seal along the perimeter of the pit. The EASYFIX Sausage Bag can be used in conjunction with EASYFIX Silage Pit Bags or any other system.

40 Bags per pallet.
Easy to stack, handle and store.

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    The Sausage Bags are ready for immediate use, filled with certified pea gravel which is free from toxic residue.

    Reduces Waste & Spoilage

    The unique design of the sausage bags eliminates air pockets which give rise to waste and spoilage.

    Labour Saving

    Due to reduced waste, there are no labour costs associated with this. The sausage bags also have handles which allow for ease of carrying. They also stack neatly on a pallet for storage.

    Fast Return on Investment

    The Sausage Bags have a fast return on investment with your money back in 1.5 years.


    1. Made from 100% woven PP virgin material
    2. Free from toxic residue


    1100mm (l) x 350mm (w)


    5 years


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