EASYFIX MG Max 8 has a ‘penny’ high grip surface and is ideal for use in high traffic areas on large scale farms.

The rubber mats provides a comfortable and confident walking surface for dairy cows and is suitable for installation in milking parlours, collecting years, walkways and passageways with very high traffic.

Suitable for use with automatic scrappers and robotic scrappers, which have been adjusted for use on rubber floors. Ideal for cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose.

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  • Provides cows with maximum grip and confidence
  • Facilitates faster movement of animals
  • Very easy to install
  • Can be recessed into the concrete in new builds


  • Natural rubber compound.
  • ‘Penny’ design
  • Strong interlock on four sides
  • Recessed holes around the edges facilitate stainless steel fixings
  • Easy to clean with water or brush scraper
  • Penny grip on underside so that mat can be inverted


Width: 1000mm | 39 3/8"
Length: 1000mm | 39 3/8"
Depth: 22mm | 7/8"


5 Years


Rubber in the milking parlour can deliver many benefits for both the farmer and the cow. Milking times are reduced, cow flow increased, cows don’t slip and get hurt, cows come into the parlour better.


How is this possible?

  • Well the average gait length for a cow on concrete is 600mm, Grass is 800mm and rubber is also 800mm, this more natural movement and increased step length will move cows through the system at a faster pace.
  • Milk let down by cows is also improved through standing on a comfortable rubber surface versus hard, cold concrete, cows feel more relaxed.
  • Cows also come forward to the parlour easier as cows will opt to stand on rubber near the parlour entrance as opposed to concrete in the collecting yard.
  • All parlour designs usually require sharp turns by cows, typical herringbone parlours will have 90 degree turns, rotary platforms require a 180 degree turn etc. anywhere you ask a cow to turn it puts pressure on the claw, this is a main source of claw damage leading to digital dermatitis or white line lameness, the is caused because of the abrasive nature of concrete, whereas rubber provides a cushioned surface.

Cleaning time should be similar to concrete floors, all EASYFIX rubber is designed to withstand cleaning chemicals etc.

  • With any rubber flooring it is vital to ensure that the correct mat is used in the correct area and understanding the volume of cows that are being milked will determine how long a product will last.

Consider the traffic from a 1000 cow herd milked three times a day versus a 100 cow herd milked twice a day. 1.1m Cow passes V’s 73K passes per annum.

EASYFIX strive to develop products that are durable and deliver value for money for customers- on average EasyFix products should last 15+ years depending on application and traffic levels

  • Note: if you are unsure about what product best suits contact a member of the EasyFix product support team
  • EASYFX MG Max 4 (SuperGrip Mat)
  • EASYFIX MG Max 8 (Super Grip Plus Mat)
  • EASYFIX Evo (Supergrip Dairy Mat)
  • EASYFIX Motion (Alley Mat)
  • EASYFIX SoftFloor (Parlour Pit Mat)

The matting is cleaned in exactly the same way as a normal concrete floor, chemicals and cleaning agents will not affect the mat.

For the operator in the parlour pit EasyFix offer an EVA material mat 1m X 1m X 25mm, interlocking on all sides to provide a seamless finish. This will provide comfort for operatives and reduce fatigue

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