Evolve Feed Rail

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The Evolve is an advance in cattle feed systems that provides cows with superior comfort

The Evolve Feed Fence is a pioneering advance in cattle feed systems that optimises cow comfort, welfare and performance.

We designed the Evolve to extend the cows reach and allow for increased feed intake. The open system allows cows to move in their natural feeding behaviour.

The unique design of the feed fence also provides safe access and egress for farm workers.

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    Allows for a more natural feeding behaviour

    The open system of the feed fence allows essential head movements during feeding and a more natural feeding behaviour.

    Increases cow comfort and welfare

    The fence eliminates injuries and marks traditionally associated with steel alternatives. It also ensures that there is zero pressure on the cow’s front feet.

    Increases feed intakes

    The feed fence increases feed intake by up to 10% due to the increased reach of cattle.

    Reduces cows pulling in feed

    The feed fence reduces cows pulling in feed by up to 95% when compared with metal barriers.


    1. Open-top fence: no top rail like traditional fences have
    2. Galvanized steel frame with curved plastic divisions
    3. Flexible plastic pipes that shape to the animal’s body
    4. Modular system
    5. Available in red, green and blue


    Modular sections can be adjusted to any size required


    5 years


    Feeding areas
    What height should the stub wall be?
    500mm from the cow standing side passage.
    How is it fixed?
    The Evolve feed system is mounted directly onto the stub wall and can also be mounted if present to stanchions in the feed lane.
    What lengths does it come in?
    Pipe can be cut to any length required.
    What colors are available?
    Red, green and blue
    Will it break?
    The system is robust and can absorb the force that cows exert as they stretch forward for feed.
    What’s the benefit over rails or locking yokes?
    The Evolve feed system allows animals to express their natural feeding behaviour as they would in pasture – there is no restriction on animals raising their heads up as they take in feed – less feed is pulled in to the pen, no marks or bruising on the cow’s neck, increased feed in takes etc.
    EASYFIX Beef & Dairy Product Brochure
    Evolve Feed Rail Technical Data Sheet
    Evolve Feedrail Configuration Information Document
    Evolve Feedrail Installation Manual
    • We’ve seen increased lying times, reduced lameness and so far, we’ve seen a reduction in culling rates from 25% down to nearly 10% since Installing the EASYFIX Dairy Housing System.

      Nick Eccles, Dairy Farmer, UK


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