EASYFIX ST Slat Rubber

EASYFIX ST Slat Rubber features the ‘Gold Standard Soft Top’ and was developed specifically for the white and rose veal industry. The development of this product has been a major breakthrough for the veal industry offering increased levels of comfort for veal calves.

This patented natural rubber covering fits directly onto concrete and wooden veal slats. The rubber covering is secured to the slats with our patented wedge system.

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  • Increases animal comfort and welfare.
  • Increases animal performance.
  • Reduces lameness and swollen joints.
  • Suitable for all white and rose veal slats.
  • Can be installed on wooden and concrete veal slats.
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • Protects and increases the lifespan of wooden & concrete slats.
  • Pay back is 2 years.


  • Made from a natural rubber compound.
  • Two strip rubber with rubber wedges.
  • Soft rubber top cover with a sloped profile for drainage and anti-slip strips.


5 Years


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EASYFIX ST Slat Rubber

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