EASYFIX SDR Slat Rubber System

EASYFIX SDR Slat Rubber System was designed to improve cow comfort, welfare and the performance of dairy cows housed on concrete slats.

The rubber mats provide a comfortable and confident walking surface for dairy cows and are suitable for installation in milking parlours, collecting yards, walkways and passageways with very high traffic.

Suitable for use with automatic scrapers and robotic scrapers, which have been adjusted for use on rubber floors. Ideal for cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose.

NEW - Ammonia reducing rubber available on request.

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  • Increases cow comfort, welfare and confidence.
  • Smooth & sloped surface to facilitate fast run off and cleaner animals.
  • Reduces lameness.
  • Increases productivity - higher daily milk yields.
  • Better feed conversion.
  • Improves heat detection.
  • Suitable for use with scrapers.


  • Patented two strip rubber system with wedges.
  • Suitable for new and used concrete slats
  • Custom sizes available for all slats.


Custom sizes available for all slat sizes.


5 years


Dairy & beef slatted housing.


  • Improves animal comfort, welfare and performance.
  • Reduces lameness.
  • Improved heat detection.

Yes. We can tailor rubber to all slat sizes.

The lifespan of the product is linked to the application in terms of – Animal type (cows vs. bulls v’s suckler cows), length of winter, etc. but in most cases we would anticipate a life span of 15-20 years

All rubber products be it car tyres or slat mats are prone to wear, and the surface pattern will wear over time – however EaASYFIX use a very high spec compound and the rate of wear is gradual over a prolonged period of time. Wear is also dependent on other factors such as length of housing period, animal type etc.

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