MG Action 1-4

  • Category: Walkways | Feed Lanes | Slatted Area

High-Grip Rubber Matting For Feedlanes & Walkways

EASYFIX MG Action is a high-grip rubber mat available in four widths. It is suitable for installation under high volume and heavy stock.

The rubber mats provide a cushioned standing surface at the feed face resulting in higher feed intake and increased productivity. The mats can be installed in the entrance and exit lanes, feed faces and toe spaces.

Suitable for use with automatic scrappers and robotic scrappers, which have been adjusted for use on rubber floors. Ideal for cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose.

Suitable for herd Sizes: 0-500

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    Increases Comfort & Performance

    MG Action Matting enhances comfort which leads to better performance and a reduction in lameness.

    Provides Maximum Grip & Confidence

    MG Action Mats provide maximum grip which ultimately leads which provides cattle with greater confidence

    Easy to Install & Maintain

    The matting is easy to install, clean and maintain. Mats can be recessed into the concrete in new builds.


    1. Natural rubber compound
    2. Penny grip design
    3. Strong interlock on two sides
    4. Recessed holes around the edges facilitate stainless steel fixings
    5. Easy to clean with water or brush scraper
    6. Penny grip on underside so that mat can be inverted


    Available in 4 Widths

    Width: 305mm/610mm/915mm/1220mm
    Length: 2210mm
    Depth: 18mm


    5 Years


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