We have a range of solutions suitable for feeding areas, which include the Award-winning Evolve Feed barrier which allows cows to extend their reach without risk or fear of injury. The EASYFEEDER feeding trough is designed to ensure feed is kept within the animal’s reach. Finally, our new and improved Silage Pit Bags are ideal for securing silage & maize pits.

Flexible Feed Rail

When cows are not resting, they should be eating! Feeding time can be stressful for cows, as the more dominant and competitive personalities within the herd can ‘bully’ their way ahead of the submissive cows. Installing the correct type of feed barrier in your shed can greatly assist with reducing stress in cows, whilst increasing feed intakes. A bad feed fence design can lead to lameness as the cow will push forward, against the fence, to access the feed which puts a lot of pressure on their legs.

This is why we have designed the award-winning Evolve feed fence that is a pioneering advance in animal feed systems. With the open-top, it is designed to extend the animal’s reach, allowing for increased feed intake, while optimising animal welfare and performance.

Feeding Trough for Cattle

The EasyFeeder is an interlocking plastic feeding trough for cattle. The moulded, non-toxic and shatterproof plastic has a smooth, raised and sloped plastic surface.

As the feed is kept in the trough, the cows can’t push the feed away, resulting in less feed waste and labour managing this. This also means that the feed always remains in front of cattle resulting in increased feed intake. It is suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons.

Silage Pit Cover

Our Silage Pit Bags are an environmentally friendly alternative for covering the base layer of polythene on silage or maize pits. The innovative and unique design of the pit covers ensures clean water runoff and eliminates air pockets which give rise to waste and spoilage. There are also no labour costs associated with removing waste.

A typical 10m x 15m pit with 150mm of waste is the equivalent of losing 50 tonnes of valuable winter feed or €1,250. As our pit covers eliminate this, they have a fast return on investment with your money back in 1.5 years.

  • We have the new feed barriers by EASYFIX and the cows love them. They promote maximum cow comfort when laying in cubicles and at feeding. Happy cows, happy life

    Emma McCormack, Dairy Farmer, Ireland
  • Since we installed the EASYFIX Evolve Feed System, the results have been fantastic. Feed intakes have increased by at least 1.5 Kg per cow per day resulting in higher milk yields. The feeding system is very good for the cows overall welfare. Nothing is restricting the cow’s movement, therefore making it very inviting for the cows to eat and the design ensures cows have no marks on their necks.

    Matthew Smith, Lower Castle Hayes Farm


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