Our New Brand Ambassador – The Hoof GP

We are delighted to introduce our new Brand Ambassador – The Hoof GP!

Graeme Parker is a professional Hoof Trimmer, living and working in South West Scotland, but you may know him as The Hoof GP from his ever-growing YouTube channel and social media pages. Graeme set up his YouTube channel 3 years ago and has enjoyed tremendous growth with now having over 830,000 subscribers to his channel. Every week, Graeme posts videos showcasing his daily job of trimming cows’ feet across Scotland and promoting hoof health globally. Graeme is passionate about upholding and encouraging a high standard of animal welfare and hoof health which is why we believe that our brand ambassadorship with The Hoof GP makes perfect sense.

Graeme Parker aka The Hoof GP

Graeme’s step-dad used to fit EASYFIX Slat Rubber mats and Graeme sometimes helped him to install the rubber, so he has known of our products and their benefits for many years. He has seen first-hand how the use of rubber matting around the farm in both the sheds, walkways, passageways, milking parlour and so on, greatly reduces the problems that cows face with their feet.

Graeme works alongside his brother-in-law Craig and the two of them make a powerful team! Check out the graphic below of them both.

Graeme and Craig

To keep up with Graeme’s antics, check out his YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages for both daily and weekly updates!