Meet Our Customers- Trevor & Gavin Crowley

EASYFIX Slurry Technology is the future of Slurry Management Systems, cutting out the need for agitation prior to spreading of the slurry, meaning it is a safer environment for both the farmer and animals. It reduces Ammonia Emissions by 51% whilst increasing the production of nutrients Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) in the Slurry.

One farmer who took the leap 17 years ago by installing the EASYFIX Slurry Technology and has not looked back is Trevor Crowley from Lissarda Co. Cork who farms a 160-head Friesian herd alongside his wife, Olive and son, Gavin. For five generations they have operated a grass-based, spring calving system, keeping followers until they become stores or replacements.

With three tanks on the farm, some over 20-years-old, Trevor began to notice the great effort and time attached to agitating the slurry to become a suitable state before spreading. This warranted a great pressure to getting it out on time to ensure his high-quality grass levels remained. It was from here Trevor began researching aeration and ways around improving slurry quality, resulting in him trying the EASYFIX Slurry Technology system.

How it works

The EASYFIX Slurry Technology is a low-rate aerobic system which injects compressed air through the slurry at certain points through non-return rotary valves. The valves create an oxygen bubble which rises throughout the slurry helping to break it down which ensures it remains in a liquid state.
The Slurry is always ready to be agitated on demand.

With Environmental Issues arising and an increase in regulations within the Agricultural industry around nutrient management being introduced, farmers are becoming more aware of the physical and financial problems associated with chemical fertilizers and as a result strive to get more out of their natural fertilizers. Unfortunately, several factors affect the rising cost of fertilizer, which are often out of the farmers reach. By being future-focused and taking into account the inevitable, the aerated Slurry Technology can benefit the farmer in their aim of becoming environmentally aware, by reducing their carbon footprint, whilst saving on the high costs of artificial fertilizers.

Notably Beneficial

After 17 years of having the EASYFIX Slurry Technology installed, Trevor and his son Gavin are well familiar with the running of and benefits surrounding the new EASYFIX Slurry Technology. Constantly learning new benefits attached to the slurry system.
“The first thing I discovered was the safety aspect of it,” said Trevor Crowley. The dangerous gases like methane are never allowed build-up in the tanks. The elimination of these gases also cuts out the strong smell commonly associated with slurry “You don’t have to go into the shed with dangerous gases in there,”. Because the slurry is constantly agitated, it allows you to spread the slurry at the drop of a hat.

“If the weather allows a window of opportunity, put on the tanker on and go.”

In 2015, they purchased their own 2500-gallon tanker, it streamlined the system because the consistency and quality of the slurry means he can spread the slurry at any time.
“It has really improved the output per tonnes of Dry Matter, of grass/acre, probably because the nutrients Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) are where they’re supposed to be- on the roots of the grass”. As a result of this they have been able to maintain soil index across the farm at levels 3 and 4, with very little fertilizer input. Therefore, there is a considerable saving in the spend on Artificial Fertilizers.
Speaking to AgriLand, Trevor Crowley commented on the improvement of time to wait before allowing the cows out to graze the grass “You could graze the grass within three weeks of spreading the slurry, whereas with the old way you’d have to wait nearly six weeks before the cattle could graze it”. Read more about The Crowley Family’s story here.

Another benefit noted by Trevor Crowley is the immense improvement of the soil health with the increase in worm count in the soil. “The soil is abundant with worms” Before changing to the aeration system there would be high levels of dead worms built at the top of the ground after spreading the slurry.

Proven Reliability

As Trevor speaks of the benefits the Slurry Technology has had on his grass and output levels, he mentions the reliability of this system.
“It was retro fitted into old sheds and we’ve found the reliability excellent. In the 17 years it’s been installed, with 14,000 hours on the pump the only thing we’ve had to do is replace a set of vanes- could you find better reliability then that?” The oxygenated system’s reliability really speaks for itself.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental issues are becoming a very important topic. Farmers need to do their bit along with everyone else. By improving their efficiency and sustainability. Trevor is a firm believer that the EASYFIX Slurry Management system is helping him in achieving this aim.
With 17 years’ experience, Trevor Crowley has no hesitation in recommending the EASYFIX Slurry Management system to fellow farmers.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s good for the soil, it’s good for my pocket!”

A short but sweet statement from Trevor, wrapping up the ultimate benefits of the EASYFIX Slurry Technology system.
If you are interested in hearing more information about our Slurry Technology, contact our office on 0909643344 or email online@easyfix.ie