Meet Our Customers – Funks Midway Dairy

Here at EASYFIX our customers and their animals’ needs are the forefront of who we are and what we do, making cow comfort our priority. We value our customers opinion about our products and their experiences in choosing EASYFIX.

To continue with our Meet our Customers series, we spoke with Funks Midway Dairy Farm, located in Central Minnesota, USA. The Funks Family had EASYFIX Cubicles and Jupiter Cow Mattress installed, in an effort to maximize Cow Comfort on their farm.

Funks Midway Dairy started out in 1976 with just sixty cows, run by John & Dorothy along with their three sons, Karl, Greg and Jeff. They each have their own role to play in its tremendous growth. Jeff works with the cows, Greg focuses on crop management, whilst John and Dorothy oversee all decision-making to keep their busy farm in order!

Focusing on Cow Comfort!

Throughout his time in college, Jeff realized Cubicle Houses and Milking Parlours were the way to go. Originally installing steel cubicles, with intentions of longevity in mind, the family soon realized the maintenance attached was unsustainable. They noticed how the cows lay against the steel cubicle, injuring themselves each time they got up. They knew this was their opportunity to focus on Cow Comfort. From here, they discovered flexible cubicles and got in touch with EASYFIX.

EASYFIX Cubicles are the safest and most comfortable on the market today. The stall moves with the cow, which minimizes the risk of injury attached therefore, reducing stress levels to the animal. There are currently three different types of Cubicles available, Dream, Calm and Siesta; each working with different bedding systems. Check out their different features here.

Installing EASYFIX ‘Dream’ Cubicles and Jupiter Mattress, the Funks Family commented on the comfort experienced since installing these products. The combined elements of flexibility and strength is what differentiates EASYFIX Cubicles from traditional cubicle beds.

EASYFIX Dream Cubicle & Jupiter Mattress installed on Funks Midway Dairy Farm, USA.

The award winning Jupiter Mattress, is a smooth-finished rubber with a two-inch latex foam underneath, maximising cow comfort. The sloped mat and smooth finish make cleaning simpler and more stress free for the farmer. This was the Funk Family’s main reason for choosing the ‘Jupiter’ Mattress.
Check out our YouTube channel here, where Funks Farm show the EASYFIX team around their new shed build.

Level of Injury Reduced

Since installing the Cubicles, the Funks were surprised to see how often the cow came into contact with the loops. As there were steel cubicles in place, they were never fully aware of the hits the cows took while maneuvering in the bed. Whereas now, ‘the loops move with every breath the cow takes!’. The level of injury to the cow has reduced indefinitely, as a result of this. This provides reassurance for the farmer, knowing the risk of injury has been eliminated.

Undoubtedly, Funks Midway Dairy care about their livestock. They invested in their animals and made comfort their priority. Along with EASYFIX Freestalls and Mattresses, they had a brand-new robotic milking system installed. With these new installations working hand in hand, they believe they will get a longer life out of their cows because they are more comfortable. The longer the cow lies for, the higher level of milk yields are produced.

“If you take care of your cows, the cows will take care of you”

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Enjoying the Comfort of EASYFIX Cubicles & Mattresses!