Dairy Housing Installation: Twin Oaks Dairy

Twin Oaks Dairy, located in Minnesota is a family run farm for over 30 years. Farming over 360 Acres of land, the Rotz recently had EASYFIX Slat Rubber, Freestalls and Jupiter Cow Mattresses installed. Recently, the EASYFIX team visited The Rotz Family in Twin Oaks Dairy, and discuss the new build and their opinions on these products since having them installed. 

Dairy Housing Installation

EASYFIX Dairy Housing solutions are uniquely designed to provide the most comfortable and innovative products on the market.  The Freestalls are designed to allow the cows to stand up and lie down freely without the risk of injury. They have noticed a significant improvement in cow comfort, particularly in the flexible Freestalls compared to the traditional steel stalls.

The cows seem very happy and very satisfied”.

Cows enjoying the improved comfort with EASYFIX Jupiter Foam Mattress and Flexible Freestalls

The Freestalls were installed at 45” apart. At first, they imagined this would be quite tight for the larger cows in the herd. Due to the flexibility of these stalls, there is adequate space for them to lie comfortably. The flexibility of the rubber components increases the movement allowed, which in turn reduces injuries significantly. It also allows cows to position themselves correctly and with enhanced confidence.

Along with the EASYFIX Flexible Freestalls, the Rotz family installed the award-winning Jupiter F Cow Mattresses. The Jupiter Matress is proven to maximise comfort and increase lying times. The mattress has 45mm of foam, creating a cushioned top surface for the cow, achieving maximum comfort for the animal. The Jupiter Mattress has a smooth, sloped rear profile, which makes cleaning the mattress much easier. The slope allows animal waste to be easily scraped onto the passageway and away from soiling the cows.  

Twin Oaks has EASYFIX SR Slat Rubber on their Slats to further increase comfort on the passageways. The high-grip rubber offers a cushioning effect and greatly assists in reducing lameness. The enhanced grip also allows increased foothold on the slat.

Improved Cow Comfort

“They don’t slip, they don’t have trouble now”. Visitors to the Dairy Farm have referred to the Slat Rubber as if they are ‘running on pasture’ – they’re comfortable!

Twin Oaks Dairy are thrilled with their purchase of EASYFIX Dairy Housing Solutions. Since installing, they have seen the benefits associated with enhancing Cow Comfort. Output levels have remarkably improved! “The butterfat and protein components have risen since the Freestall installation, because the cows are more comfortable and ‘chewing the cud’ like they’re supposed to”. Explained Philip.

Increased comfort with EASYFIX Dairy Housing Solutions!

Philip has noted multiple benefits since installing EASYFIX Products. Changing from Steel Stalls to the EASYFIX Freestalls has drastically reduced injuries. Cows have increased comfort and productivity levels with the Jupiter Mattress. Installing Slat Rubber on the concrete slats, improved the grip and reduced lameness to the cow, allowing for more natural movements when on the slat.
 “I would do EASYFIX again, I wouldn’t want to be without it,”  

Check out our recent YouTube video to see the full Dairy Housing installation at Twin Oaks Dairy. Want to hear more about our products mentioned in the video? Call us on 1-605-261-1508 or email online@easyfix.ie for more information!