Luna 86

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Environmental Enrichment for Pigs

The EASYFIX Luna 86 is designed to provide environmental enrichment for 1st stage weaners (4-7 weeks). Made from high-quality natural rubber, the Luna 86 is pliable, durable and safe for pigs to bite on.

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    Provides Environmental Enrichment

    Pigs are naturally curious and social animals, who are highly motivated to explore their environment as they would do in their natural habitat. Greatly reduces stress and boredom in both pigs and calves.

    Helps Prevent Aggressive Behaviour

    Pigs are social animals and within groups they form social rankings. Subordinate sows can suffer from bullying and aggression from more dominant sows. The toys reduce behaviour such as tail and ear biting.

    Improve production performance

    The toys assist with feed intakes, average daily gain & feed conversion ratio.

    Easy to install & low maintenance

    The pig enrichment devices remain at floor level, imitating the pig’s natural posture and behaviour. Up to 6 pigs can interact with the device at the same time. The Luna range combines mobility and rollability, whilst always remaining in reach.


    1. Made from a high-quality natural rubber compound
    2. Unique design with 12 protruding rubber legs
    3. Only 3 legs are in contact with the floor at any time
    4. Brightly coloured for easy observation in the pen
    5. Fully REACH compliant
    6. Food grade rubber






    Environmental enrichment for 1st stage weaners (4-7 weeks)
    What are they made with and are they safe to use?
    Our complete range is made with natural rubber and is safe to use. All toys are Food Grade and REACH Compliant.
    How many Toys per pig?
    One toy per 15 to 20 pigs. This can vary depending on the age, breed, housing environment & the tail, ear biting incidences in the pen.
    Are they manipulable and chewable?
    Yes, they are manipulable as pigs can change their form. Being chewable is one of their main attractions.
    Level of engagement?
    Pigs generally interact with them for over 80% of the time.
    Have the toys been independently tested?
    Yes, they have been tested in several enrichment trials in Teagasc Moorepark under Dr Keelin O Driscoll and also Professor Zion in Germany. Check out our research data.
    Do they remain clean?
    This is one of the big advantages as the material is non porous and dirt does not cling to the toys with very low bacteria counts as per trial work done.
    Do the Lunas ever get caught in slats or corner of pens?
    No, because there are only 3 legs on the floor at one time that move easily round the pen.
    Why are there different sizes and colours?
    The size relates to the different age of the pigs and the colour is to distinguish different batches. Also, the vibrant colours are always easy to see and locate in pens.
    Where are they being used?
    They are being used in pig farms all over the world for the past 5 years.
    Are the toys for pigs only?
    The toys are being successfully used for calves, dogs and horses with similar levels of engagement and playfulness.
    EASYFIX Pig Enrichment
    Luna 86 Technical Data Sheet
    • I have been using EASYFIX Luna 117 Enrichment Devices for two years. They are doing a great job and keep my weaners occupied whilst reducing greatly the incidence of tail and ear biting . My farm manager, Finbar Higgins, notices this on a daily basis. I have the Luna 50 on order for my piglets, Luna 86 for weaners, Luna 142 and Astra 200 for sows . I look forward to the introduction of EASYFIX Enrichment Devices to cover all stages in my piggery.

      Patrick O’Keefe, O’Keefe Piggery, Co Cork, Ireland
    • Pigs interact with the EASYFIX LUNA up to 80% of the time. The combination of mobility and rollability retains the pig’s interest and motivates other pigs to join in.

      Prof. M. Ziron, Vocational College Southern-Westphalia, Germany
    • I have the EASYFIX floor pig toys in with first and second stage weaners for over two years. The toys are really working well keeping the pigs engaged and interested at all times. The toys are always very clean and are lasting well. I look forward to the launch of their floor toys for fatteners, gilts and sows

      Peadar Kelly, Pig Producer, Co Roscommon, Ireland


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