SDR Slat Rubber

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Comfort Slat Mats with a Smooth & Sloped Profile

EASYFIX SDR Slat Mats are designed to improve the comfort, welfare and performance of cattle housed on concrete slats.

The smooth and soft rubber flooring, provides a comfortable and confident walking surface. It is suitable for installation in slatted units, passageways and walkways.

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    Improves animal comfort, welfare & performance

    The cushioned effect and sloped profile for quick urine run-off provides a cleaner, dryer and healthier environment for Livestock.

    Reduces Lameness

    The unique cushioned surface profile of EASYFIX SDR slat may allows for more natural movement and behaviour without fear of injury.

    Increases Average Daily Weight Gains

    The comfort of the slat mats enhances mounting and increases the duration of standing in Dairy cows. Increases lying times which improves feed conversion therefore increasing the average daily weight gain in Beef Cattle.

    Reduces Ammonia Emissions

    Our SDR Slat Mats have been proven to reduce ammonia emissions by up to 30%


    1. Smooth and sloped profile
    2. Patented two strip rubber system
    3. Sloped profile for quick urine run-off to increase drainage as well as reduce emissions
    4. Self-wedge solution (no additional fixation material required)
    5. No mechanical cutting of the slat


    Custom sizes available for all slat sizes


    5 years


    Slat Mats for concrete slats, beef housing, dairy housing
    What are the main benefits of using EASYFIX Slat Rubber?
    • Improves comfort and productivity
    • Reduces lameness
    • Works with automatic scrapers
    • Improved heat detection due to enhanced foothold
    What are the measurements for a narrow wedge in slat rubber?
    38mm or less (wedges can be adapted for gaps as low as 20mm)
    Can off sized slats be catered for
    Yes, we can tailor rubber to all slat sizes
    What application is suitable for heavy stock lie back areas?
    MG Max 4 (SuperGrip Mat), MG Max 8 (SuperGrip plus) or MG Evo (SuperGrip Dairy mat).
    Can the EASYFIX Mercury (Standard Mats) be used in lie back areas?
    No, the EASYFIX Mercury is not suitable for lie back areas.
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    • I put the EASYFIX slat rubber down in a slatted finishing house almost five years ago. From the very outset, I noticed that the cattle were more content. They could get to their feet much faster when I entered the shed. Stiffness was less of a problem and the animals were much less prone to slippage and injury. Growth rates also improved.

      Tom Sloane, NI Beef Finisher
    • In 2002, we installed the first shed of EASYFIX Slat Rubber and they are still in excellent condition. We installed another 400m2 cattle finishing shed with EASYFIX Slat Rubber Mats in 2016. We could not manage to finish cattle without the EASYFIX Slat Rubber system.

      John Phelan, Dunbell, Co Kilkenny


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