Calf Slats

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Ideal for keeping your calves dry, clean and comfortable while reducing the need for straw bedding.

EASYFIX Calf Slats provide an elevated flooring solution for young calves which is portable, easy-to-store and reusable. The calf slats offer an alternative to straw bedding as the soft rubber covering creates a dry and comfortable lying surface for young calves.

The rubber mats are designed with slip strips and fitted to a treated timber platform which is then elevated on 38mm rubber blocks.

These uniquely designed calf slats are available in two sizes – 1m2 and 2m2.

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    Increases calf welfare, comfort and performance

    Calves always have a dry and comfortable lying area, which reduces naval infections and improves overall calf health and performance.

    Cuts down on labour and running costs

    Eliminates the need to use straw, which is expensive.

    Low maintenance

    Easy to clean, stack and store.


    1. Soft, sloped rubber covering with slip strip
    2. 30mm gap between the slats allows liquids to get through, but stops cleats from getting caught
    3. Treated timber which will last up to 10 years
    4. Rubber blocks underneath the timber avoids contact with water


    1000mm x 960mm
    1860mm x 1125mm


    5 years


    Calf beds and calf housing
    What are the measurements for a narrow wedge in slat rubber?
    38mm or less (wedges can be adapted for gaps as low as 20mm)
    Can off sized slats be catered for
    Yes, we can tailor rubber to all slat sizes.
    What application is suitable for heavy stock lie back areas?
    MG Max 4 (SuperGrip Mat), MG Max 8 (SuperGrip plus) or MG Evo (SuperGrip Dairy mat)
    Can the EASYFIX Mercury (Standard Mats) be used in lie back areas?
    No, the EASYFIX Mercury is not suitable for lie back areas.
    EASYFIX Beef & Dairy Product Brochure
    Calf Slat Mats Technical Data Sheet


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