Slat Mats

EASYFIX Slat Mats are our No.1 Selling Product Worldwide across the Beef, Dairy and Veal Sectors.

Slat Mats

The unique patented design of our EASYFIX Slat mats enhances the comfort, welfare and performance of livestock housed on concrete slats. Our Award-winning slat rubber systems encompasses a reinforced design, which offers durability and comfort for beef & dairy cattle enterprises. The slat mats can be easily applied to both new and existing slats and all types and sizes of slats can be catered for.

SR & SDR Mats for Concrete Slats

The very first product that we launched was our award-winning EASYFIX SR Slat Rubber. To this day, it remains our number one selling product and is sold to beef, dairy and veal farmers in over 50 countries around the world. We relaunched our SR Slat Rubber solution in 2017 to encompass a reinforced design, high-grip profile and a 5-year warranty. Having listened to feedback from our customers, we also launched our EASYFIX SDR Slat Rubber system. Our SDR Slat Rubber also comes with a 5-year warranty and offers a smooth, sloped surface for increased animal comfort and faster run-off.

Slat Mats for Beef Dairy & Veal

EASYFIX Slat Mats are suitable for Beef, Dairy & Veal Enterprises. The main benefits of installing our slat mats are:

• Reduction in lameness
• Better Heat Detection
• Cleaner & Dryer Floor
• Increases Milk Yield in Dairy Cattle
• Increases Calf Comfort
• Reduces Ammonia by up to 30%
• Durable & hard-wearing
• Unique & Innovative design
• 2 options available: High-grip or Smooth & sloped

  • We bought EASYFIX Slat Rubber and it was a big investment. The mats have really transformed the system. The company installed them and they have been a fantastic investment. Growth rates increased by between one quarter and one third of a kilo per day and I put that down to increased comfort.

    Adam Quinney, UK Beef Farmer
  • I have found that the cattle spend more time lying down, feet problems and lameness have become a thing of the past and growth rates have improved significantly.

    Chris Bourns, Irish Beef Cattle Producer, Co. Galway
  • I put the EASYFIX slat rubber down in a slatted finishing house almost five years ago. From the very outset, I noticed that the cattle were more content. They could get to their feet much faster when I entered the shed. Stiffness was less of a problem and the animals were much less prone to slippage and injury. Growth rates also improved.

    Tom Sloane, NI Beef Finisher


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