Parlour matting solutions: The benefits

The installation of rubber matting in the milking parlour is something that many farmers should consider given the many benefits it brings.

What are the benefits?

Rubber in the milking parlour can provide many benefits for both the cow and the farmer. Milking times are shorter, cow flow increased, cows don’t slip and get injured and cows are more willing to come into the parlour.

There has been extensive research conducted worldwide on the use of rubber flooring in the milking parlour and at EASYFIX, we have conducted research with Kingston Maurward Agricultural College UK under the guidance of Dr Nick Bell who has extensive knowledge and experience of lameness in dairy cows.

The project measured animal behaviour in the parlour on concrete, and again with rubber installed.

The key findings of the research were that cows on rubber were milked on average 27seconds faster.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Improved cow flow through the parlour – average gait length for a cow on concrete is 600mm, Grass is 800mm and rubber is also 800mm, this more natural movement and increased step length will move cows through the system at a faster pace.
  • Increased let down of milked – cows are more relaxed standing on rubber than concrete.

We provide an extensive range of Parlour Matting Solutions:

  • Parlour Pit – EASYFIX Softfloor – 1m X 1m X 25mm Interlocking EVA MAT
  • Cow Standing – MG Evo, MG Motion, MG 4, & MG 8
  • The MG 4 & MG Motion is suitable for herds under 150 Cows – and typically the MG Motion is used in the cow standing area, the MG 4 on the entry and exit to the parlour.
  • For herds between 100 -300 cows, the MG EVO is suitable for the cow standing and MG 8 on the entry and exit area.
  • For all herds over 500 cows, MG 8 is the only product to be used.

The installation process can easily take place in between milkings.

If you would like to discuss any of the above options for your parlour, please feel free to contact us for more information.

You can view our extensive range of cow comfort solutions here.