EASYFIX sponsors Pardubice Races

The opening meeting of the 2017 season at Pardubice Racecourse takes place on Monday, May 8th.

EASYFIX is delighted to sponsor the main race of the day, the Irish Ambassador’s Gold Cup supported by EASYFIX. The Irish  Ambassador’s Gold Cup is a classical oval track steeplechase race and will feature one section of EASYFIX Steeplechase Racing Fences for the very first time.

EASYFIX is an Irish company that produces hurdles and racing fences made of artificial component that are widely used on racecourses and in training yards in most of the main countries where steeplechase races take place. Martin Korba and Ji’í Janda, from Dostihový spolek, organisers of events at Pardubice racecourse, returned from a recent visit to Ireland full of enthusiasm for EASYFIX hurdles and racing fences.

The Town of Pardubice Stakes Opening Crosscountry Steeplechase is the second Category I race of the day. The Crosscountry race will feature the ‘Irish Bank’ as fifth obstacle in the Opening Crosscountry Steeplechase. Charles Sheehan, Ambassador of Ireland to the Czech Republic will accept the position of Patron of the 5th obstacle in the Velka Pardubicka crosscountry steeplechase, the Irish Bank.

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