EASYFIX Fences to be raced over the 2018 Queen’s Cup

SafTfence Sponsored Race is the First Sanctioned Race Meet to race over EASYFIX Fences

SafTfence is sponsoring a jump race at this year’s Queen’s Cup Steeplechase Races, on April 28. Dubbed the EASYFIX Maiden Timber, this will be the first time a National Steeplechase Association (NSA) sanctioned jump race will feature EASYFIX fences. Two of the seven flights will be raced over an EASYFIX fence and hurdle. Bill Price, managing Director of SafTfence, LLC, the authorized Dealer for EASYFIX’s equine range in the United States said, “If all goes well, I believe these next-generation EASYFIX jumps will advance our sport in safety, presentation and ease of assembly, disassembly and transportation.”

EASYFIX have designed and developed an extensive range of hurdles and fences which are being raced and schooled in Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Czech Republic. EASYFIX fences were recently approved by Racing Victoria for use on Australian Racecourses. The hurdles and fences were designed to ensure consistency, they are inviting for horses of all capabilities, as well as being structurally tough and safe.

EASYFIX fences  for easy assembly

Bill Price states “The current sectional steel fence we use in the USA weighs over 400 pounds each, the foam roll and tarp system is difficult to assemble with any consistency, it requires many able men and nearly a full day to set and dress. EASYFIX jumps are designed as a modular system for easy assembly and disassembly. They are made from plastic and rubber, which is designed to be safer than racing over traditional steel stepped frames. “Safety of horse and rider is paramount. The additional advantages to the fences are that, each flight can be set-up in less than 15 minutes and once assembled they are consistent. All of which is a real time-saver not only to the Race Meet Directors but trainers with schooling fences as well.

Unique 3D Plastic Birch

The EASYFIX 3D plastic birch is stiffer yet has excellent memory; it provides higher levels of resistance to horses compared to the traditional softer plastic birch. Overall the new EASYFIX fences offer the perfect solution and are ideal for introduction to the United States. EASYFIX may well be the answer to the horsemen and Race Meets alike.  The time has come for greater advancement in jump racing in the USA.

About SafTfence

SafTfence (www.safTfence.com) located in Mineral Springs, North Carolina, USA was established by Bill Price in 2010. SafTfence was named an EASYFIX authorized Equine Range Dealer and sells and distributes the wide range of EASYFIX jumps and rubber safety products throughout the United States. The company also designs, manufacturers and distributes state-of-the-art plastic birch. Sales of the patent pending SafTfence birch branch have been made to x-country fence builders and horsemen throughout the United States and as far as away New Zealand.


Over the last 17 years, Michael Earls, EASYFIX MD, has worked with leading bodies within the horseracing industry to develop an extensive range of fences, hurdles and rubber matting solutions. All EASYFIX products are designed in-house, manufactured from the highest quality materials and are the most innovative and best performing in the marketplace. The EASYFIX equine range has been designed specifically for horse trainers, horse owners, racecourses and schooling grounds to boost improved performance. R&D is undertaken by an in-house product development team, who develops and tests new product concepts and analyzes product materials. The EASYFIX hurdles and fences were designed in-house and are extremely durable, they are easy to install and maintenance free. EASYFIX rubber matting solutions are recognized as the best quality and highest performing products in the marketplace.

For further information on the new EASYFIX hurdles, fences and rubber products call Bill Price at 704.621.3001 or email bprice@safTfence.com.