EASYFIX attending Balmoral Show 2022

  • Event:
    Balmoral Show 2022
  • Date:
    11 May 2022
  • Location:
    Balmoral Park, Lisburn
  • Stand:
    C8 along 4th Avenue

We are delighted to announce EASYFIX will be attending the 153rd Balmoral Show from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th May. Balmoral Show will take place at Balmoral Park, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. We cant wait to get back and see our customers after the past two years.

Balmoral Show attracts thousands of visitors each year, making it one of the largest shows in Northern Ireland! Check out their New app to guide you on your visit at Balmoral. This will provide access to the timetable of events, exhibitor map, live streaming events and much more!

Download the app here or simply type ‘Balmoral Show’ in your App Store to download for free!

Stop by our Stand and check out our extensive range of Beef & Dairy Housing Solutions. You will find us in the Showgrounds at Stand C8 along the 4th Avenue

EASYFIX Products on display at Balmoral Show 2022

Slurry Technology – A NEW Product on Display!

EASYFIX Slurry Technology is the next-generation in slurry management systems. This system will benefit farmers in reducing emissions from the slurry, reduce their carbon footprint and increase the nutrient value of the slurry. The EASYFIX Slurry Technology reduces ammonia emissions by 51%.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology is the only System on the market which can be installed into existing tanks without the need for cleaning or removal of slurry.

As the cost of artificial fertilisers surges, it is important for farmers to maximise the efficiency of their manure rather than rely on artificial fertilisers. EASYFIX Slurry Technology assists in the increased production of nutrients NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

How does it work?

Oxygen is compressed into the slurry at specific points, through non-return valves, which causes air to be jetted at specified points throughout the tank. As the oxygen flows through the valve it creates a bubble which rises through the slurry, it breaks it down and ensure it remains in a liquid state.

As the slurry constantly remains in a liquid state, it eliminates the need for agitation! This creates a much safer environment for the farmer and animal alike. Oxygen is constantly being input into the slurry which reduces the level of methane gases significantly.

EASYFIX Slurry Technology Installation

Silage Pit Bags

EASYFIX Silage Pit Bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to Tyres for securing down the polyethene layer on your pit! The Silage Pit Bags are made from 100% woven PP virgin material and filled with washed pea gravel, this is free from toxic residue.

The unique design of these bags are labour saving and cost effective. The pit bags have handles which allow for ease of carrying and laying out on the pit. The design of the pit bags ensures clean water run off and eliminates air pockets- waste and spoilage is significantly reduced. A much cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative to tyres!

Stop by Stand C8 and take a look at our Silage Pit Bags on display.

EASYFIX Silage Pit Bags

Pre-Filled Sausage Bags

Along with our Silage Pit Bags, we will have one of our newest products on display at the Balmoral Show!

The EASYFIX Sausage Bag works hand in hand the Silage Pit Bags! They provide a complete seal around the perimeter of the pit. The Sausage Bags are made from 100% woven PP virgin material and pre-filled with washed pea gravel, free from toxic residue. The pre-filled particles make them ready for immediate use!

EASYFIX Sausage Bags

Visit Us at Balmoral Show 2022

Interested in seeing and hearing more about our products? Make sure to stop by our stand from the 11-14 May where our expert team will be on hand to answer your queries! Alternatively you can call our office on (090) 96 43344 or email online@easyfix.ie

We look forward to welcoming new and existing customers at Stand C8 along the 4th Avenue!