EASYFIX Around the World – South Africa

Spotlight on our dealer Milk Masters!

Milk Masters is an agricultural company based in Zambia that supplies high quality innovative dairy farm equipment and state of the art machinery to dairy farmers across Africa.

In South Africa, in particular, there is a strong mixed model of dairy farming that consists of total mixed ration (TMR) fed housed cows and pasture grazing cows. Currently, there are more and more farms developing and expanding TMR fed housed cows due to the many advantages that it holds, such as better feed intakes, reduces feed wastage, maintains a stable rumen environment and improves digestibility for the cows. According to Mourne at Milk Masters, a great example of a TMR fed farm is in the province of Gauteng. This particular farm had old type wooden partitions and have now transitioned to the EASYFIX flexible cubicles. The farmer has noticed that since installing the EASYFIX cubicles, the cows lying times have increased, cow comfort and welfare has drastically improved and as a result, the milk yield increased!

The EASYFIX Evolve feed rail system was also installed on farm whilst an overhead pipe disperses the feed down in front of the Evolve for the cattle to feed from. This has changed the way the cows are eating drastically, and dry matter intakes have increased considerably. From the installation of our cubicles and feeding system,

milk production on this farm has increased noticeably by approximately 10%,

all in a few short months after the upgrade.

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